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  1. Julio will be just fine. Ryan always targets him a lot. The Eagles constantly double teamed him and you could see Ryan wanted to throw to him but couldn’t. I just wish the Falcons would move him around the formation. He is almost unstoppable when they put him in motion or in the slot when he gets a free release on the line of scrimmage.
  2. He has a nice game but that Browns offensive line is mediocre at best. Just look at his ypc. But he should see plenty of volume, at least while Hunt is out. Not sure he will be a RB1 based on the offense not being as great as we thought and the line being weak. Still think he is somewhere in the RB 10-15 range.
  3. That's how I see him. If you play him, it's based on volume. The issue is the QB and offense. Like you mentioned, he may have missed opportunities based on the QB. There won't be a ton of scoring opportunities. Teams are going to stack the box and force the Jags to beat them in the passing game. He should be good for about 75 yards from scrimmage a game, but he won't have the TD opportunities like we expected going into the season. I'm going to treat him as a high floor and low ceiling guy, best off as a FLEX play. You will be fine if you have him as a RB2, but I know there were some people that went WR early and took him as their RB1, that could be an issue. At least the defense still looks great, which should give Fournette more time on the field.
  4. Writing was pretty much on the wall before the season began. They were going to be a run heavy offense.
  5. Juicy matchup next week against Oakland. Should be a game where they can jump out to a lead and run the ball from the start. Hopefully Oakland can keep it respectable to the point where Cook plays the entire game.
  6. He is nothing more than a volume guy. He should be near top 10 in the league in touches this season, but the offense is awful. Figure if he roughly gets 20 touches a game, he should have a safe floor of about 8 points, but don’t think we will see many ceiling type of games. It’s too bad Foles got hurt, because I think he could have been a high end RB2, now he is more of a low end RB2 or FLEX play. Let’s see how the offense looks at home with another week playing together.
  7. I think this game was a great sign. He dominated the touches in the backfield. No longer need to worry about Ingram being in a committee. Think he came out briefly with an injury when they were in the red zone. A TD and he has a really solid game.
  8. Had me a little worried at half time. Offense just wasn’t clicking. Really glad they decided to throw on the goal line for the TD to Cooks. Cupp nearly had the long TD but they said his knee was down so Goff sneaked it in. The main concern with him is the offensive line isn’t nearly what it was last season. He was under pressure a lot and he isn’t exactly the type of guy that can get himself out of trouble when defenses are running at him. I think im only going to consider starting him at home, but even then I think he needs a nice matchup.
  9. Yeah Dak is approaching must start regardless of matchup, kind of like Mahomes. Their offense is that great and he has so many weapons. Cowboys could be a legit SB contender now that they have a passing game to complement Zeke and an up and coming defense.
  10. I see a lot of people mentioning WR2. Is there any chance he can sneak in as a WR1? Their defense does look a lot improved, which means we may not get as many pass attempts as we thought. He likely finishes right outside the top 10 for wideouts. I will say this, he almost seems matchup proof with him being in the slot. I hate when I have a great WR and almost know he will be limited by a great corner but you can’t sit him, that isn’t the case with Godwin.
  11. Man this guy played a great game today. Think the only target he didn’t haul in was that long pass where they were backed up on their own goal line and Jameis just threw the ball a little too far and Godwin couldn’t quite get both feet in. Really like the idea of having a slot WR because most corners who go against the slot aren’t that great.
  12. I just said yesterdays game was an outlier. They wanted to rotate backs often because of the weather. Lets see how the backfield shakes out next week.
  13. I'll be honest, I drafted Dak and didn't really want him. Watching their offense yesterday in comparison to the past, it looks totally different. It's much more pass heavy and geared towards throwing down field. A ton of those big plays came on play action. I never thought Dak would be anything more than a low end QB1, but with the play calling and weapons on the outside, I think he could be in for a huge season.
  14. I heard it is likely Baltimore rotated their backs more often than usual because of the heat. Gus looks like nothing more than a handcuff now.
  15. How do we feel about Dak this week? Super easy matchup but my worry is that the Giants lead the entire game and they never really have to push the ball down field.