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  1. Can start 3 of these guys, a 4th if samuels is still TE eligible come the weekend. RB1 Melvin Gordon v Cinc ( If plays) RB2 Chubb v Car RB 3 Cohen v LAR TE Jaylen Samuel v Oak or Gronk v Mia Currently on bench but can be swapped into RB spots Bench Ingram v TB Ware v Bal
  2. I think I’d do it, Kyle Rudolph has been uninspiring at best.
  3. Tough call, I’d likely keep AB if you must choose but how bad is your RB situation that you feel the need to trade one.
  4. This, you can def drop a player on your bench given that all players don’t lock at 1pm. I’m in one league that does it at 1pm and another at game time. An easy way to tell would be to search for a 49er or raider. If they are locked then yes can pick up before game. If they aren’t entire FA pool likely locks at 1 pm.
  5. Can only flex one Ingram vs Rams Drake vs Jets Chubb vs KC
  6. I’d go Cooper and OJ, esp if your big guns are on bye you will likely need some Boom potential and they’ll offer it.
  7. Ryan Tannehil ruled out. Possibly more passing opportunities for Drake? And less for Cohen as bears will likely lead?
  8. I actually like the Michael Thomas side you’d be giving the best player in the deal. I’d hold
  9. Dalvin Cook on a snap count against Arizona or Shady McCoy vs Houston
  10. I personally would grab Cole first but Dede would be a fine dart throw too. I grabbed Cole ( ahead of higher ranked options) in the 13th of a 10 teamer. So id say that’s a fair range for either really. Moncrief has always been wildly disappointing to me so id leave him on the wire until he shows something.