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  1. 2018 PPR redrafts

    Looks like the most solid round of first round talent in recent memory. Those picking around 10-12 will for once feel blessed
  2. 2017-18 Bounce Back Candidates

    Mariotta K.Benjamin B.Powell J.Howard (yes I know he didn't necessarily bust but I just think he has potential to be next years gurley if they get that offense around him on track and get some talent at wr) Baldwin
  3. Drew Brees 2017 Season Outlook

    I agree with this. Didn't let us down this week had a decent performance and was very close to a vintage 4 td game. Gonna ride or die with Brees. The game has big playoff implications coupled with the bad blood between these two teams after that recent game leads me to think he's gonna be licking his chops at some redemption here.
  4. 2018 Do Not Draft

    I actually think he ends up undervalued like he was before this year. That o-line can only get better, and maybe Carson takes the reins and actually establishes a running game there that demands some attention.
  5. Cool Story Bro 2017 Edition

    Full ppr, 6 point passing td league Went as zero wr as you probably could in the draft. First four picks were Gurley, Gronk, Brees and Hyde. After the draft I was panicked, my WRs consisted of Hogan, Garçon, R.Matthews, C.Coleman, K.Wright and Golladay. Posted on here to ask for advice and was laughed off the forum, told to move gronk for pennies on the dollar, and even told I might as well abaodon the team. Today I sit on the brink of a championship game barring the Atl D and Bryant don't score 50 points. And the beauty of it being my first two risky picks of Gronk+Gurley are the main reasons I might get there with almost 80 points between them.
  6. Greg Zuerlein 2017 Season Outlook

    Still has a chance to break single season fg record but gonna be a bit more challenging now needing 6 in last two games
  7. Waiver gems of the year: playoff edition

    Who woulda thunk it. I mistakenly paid him no mind thinking he couldn't be much better then ajayi.
  8. Rob Gronkowski 2017 Season Outlook

    Might finish behind kelce as the top scoring TE but it should be very close and did so in two fewer games. This guy guy was a rock solid investment this year at a position that has been a general crapshoot for the most part. Really only had 3 dud games all year, 6 monster games and 3 above average games.
  9. Waiver gems of the year: playoff edition

    I'm not saying it's any fault of his own. But the fact remains starting him ended up in a letdown last week. He's probably the WW add of the year considering he carried more teams than any other add, but last week through no fault of his own he didn't get to put up the numbers.
  10. Waiver gems of the year: playoff edition

    Some of us play ppr.
  11. Waiver gems of the year: playoff edition

    Kamara ended up with a dud last week and Gordon this week...so no.
  12. Trade was just vetoed

    You could beat this horse all you want it doesn't change the fact that in context at the time it was a very lopsided trade. All that could have possibly gone wrong and right on both sides has led to where we are now. Doesn't mean it was a fair deal.
  13. Week 16: Romo, Manziel or Megatron?

    Calvin deserves a title the most after all those long suffering years in the black hole that is Detroit. Bring it home for the legend
  14. just for fun wanted to post lineup of the ww gems of this year who came through when we needed most both weeks and have led many to the championship game. Fun to look back and think wow these guys were what made the biggest impact on fantasy qb- Keenum rb- drake rb- r.smith wr- m.goodwin wr- n.aghalor wr-k.wright te- e.ebron d- jags k- r.gould honorable mention: Gio, m.wallace, e,engram, jimmy G, a.collins,
  15. Waiver Wire Touts - Playoffs and Beyond

    I think martavius is the number one add this week. Wr- After that as mentioned above Wallace, wright and Byrd (props to the guy who called him out last week I doubt he was on many radars) Qb- Bortles the obvious big add, foles showed us he is very capable of leading this offense. Jimmy G performed well again, but if he's out there might be best to look elsewhere as he gets the jags next week. Rb- McGuire back on the map after a big game and looked very good out there, thou looks like Powell is still the lead guy with forte getting his touches as well. Bibbs seems like he has clearly taken on the Thompson/marshall scat back role in Washington. E.penny- kerwin wasn't getting it done so this kid got some burn and had 45 yards on 10 carries. With them losing all hope of a playoff chance maybe kerwin takes back burner and they see what they have here. Te - Richard rogers with Aron back put up a 4-77-1 line and gets into streaming territory. Celek in SF now with back to back games with a TD and 60 plus yards.