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  1. Let’s start talking week 4. Tough week to call I think many people are gonna roll with the anybody vs phins again this week and be burnt by the chargers on the road. This seems like a typical chargers play down to their opponent trap game. That said, this week I’m eyeballing two matchups. Colts at home vs raiders or giants at home vs skins.
  2. Don’t be a little girl, manage the team even when you are out of things, for the sake of integrity and respect to other players.
  3. After losing Henry have been scrambling to find the right streamer or make a deal every week for te. Graham was a bust. Had two offers on the table I was seriously considering but decided against. cooper Kupp for Andrews or m Gallup for hockenson. Told myself I need to see at least one more week of consistency out of either even if it risks the price going up. Rolled with old man Olsen and was laughed at. = Profit
  4. Yes I would that’s an excellent deal for you imo. Andrews looks like this years kittle and both Boyd and Godwin look like solid safe floor weekly guys with big upside.
  5. Yea that’s what I’m trying to gauge. Darnold will probably be back when Gallup gets back. Both of them have had a strong rapport with the qb.
  6. I don’t know dude your roster is too stacked to be true. what trades did you make? Aside from Mclaurin and dak your entire team is made up of guys picked within the first four rounds
  7. Is this a humble brag? I dont see any weakness in your team aside from the fact that Evans and diggs have gotten off to slow starts. You have two top 4 picks and 3 guys in Evans, diggs and kittle that we’re generally 3-4 rounders. Also Chubb and Mixon who are both 1st-2nd Rounderss Is this a keeper league or was everyone drunk at the draft
  8. So you would trade Alshon or crowder right now for Gallup In a full ppr if you could afford to stash him on the bench for a while?
  9. Absolutely not imo. Who knows how hills recovery goes. Barkley is a million times better than Ingram and Evans has the potential to be very close to thomas.
  10. I’d drop MVS as well. Even if your winning not wise to pass on potential points. Season totals could be the difference between making the playoffs on a tiebreaker
  11. Yea I agree with holding if anything I’d be trying to get Penny on the cheap now with his injury as Carson insurance
  12. I’d take it, I’m not too high on the McCoy situation, fitz and Kirk is almost a wash and engram over Olsen puts you over the top here imo