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  1. NFL Waiver Wire Thread 2018 Week 7

    It was from preseason
  2. Rob Gronkowski 2018 Outlook

    You do that
  3. Melvin Gordon 2018 Outlook

    To add, us Melvin owners in all likelihood won’t have to worry about him potentially getting rest come playoff time due to HF locked up which might be the case with the rams.
  4. Christian Kirk 2018 Outlook

    Lol you look like a dam fool quoting yourself about this guy
  5. I still like the cooks side
  6. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    I don’t think it’s all that unlikely for Gordon to rack up another 15 TDs over ten games. He’s had at at least one td 5/6 games and has 3 multi td games. Kamara we’ve now seen has a much lower floor than Gordon if gamescript calls for it to be an ingram day. Gordon will not be losing out on any Ekler days.
  7. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    No way am I taking ebron for him as the centerpiece of a deal
  8. 2018 Buy Low / Sell High Thread

    As a Gronk owner I share this sentiment. He’s a proven commodity that people picked in the second or third even with the history of injuries. If you rolled the dice in that regard I really don’t see people selling him off for a low value. rather roll the dice and see if he turns it around, banking on that huge ceiling of his then moving for pennies on the dollar now
  9. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    But why is it assumed that Gordon will regress and Kamara just won’t of course? Because it’s convienent for your argument? Why would he regress? If anything he is more likely to regress in production given the presence of Ingram.
  10. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    And if he does he will essentially end up with comparable numbers to what Gurley did last year
  11. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    You esentially helped my point here. If he does regress as you say he probably ends up comparable to Gurleys numbers from last year.
  12. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    So you are expecting Gordon to average less than a TD per game the rest of the season?
  13. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    Gordon already has 9 tds and about 800 total yards. So yes, 2000 and 24 is more likely than him finishing close to last years numbers. I suppose last year you were waiting for Gurley to regress a bit because of previous seasons numbers?
  14. Austin Ekeler 2018 Outlook

    Um, why would they do that? They are winning games and currently working on a playoff push. Don’t fix what ain’t broken
  15. Well you cant leave us in the dark now. What moves did he make to get there