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  1. Full point PPR, 0.5pts/return yd Foster @ NE D Hamilton @ Raiders McKenzie @ NE
  2. Full PPR: WR3 options are D Hamilton or Foster (we have nondedicated TE spot) My Team: Mahomes CMC Kamara Tyreek Edelman _______? D Williams Legatron Titans 20.0pts His Team: Eli Elliot Mixon Hilton Landry M Williams. 2.1pts Ballage Tucker. 12.0pts Bears
  3. Hopkins questionable Coutee out Miller out Anything to see here?
  4. Anyone think differently? I was leaning McKensie due to return game points.
  5. Robby Anderson by draft position was my biggest bust.
  6. Full point PPR QB: Mahomes RB1: Kamara RB2: CMC WR1: Tyreek WR2: Edelman WR3: _____ Flex: D Williams Def: Titans vs Wash K: Legatron Options: D Hamilton, R Foster, I McKenzie, C Hogan (Ertz, Ware, Rivers)
  7. What was the target share with Foles in the playoffs last season?
  8. Those words described the exact situation for the last 3 weeks minimum. Teams stack against them so often. I don’t see anything changing.
  9. Todd Gurley (knee) remained sidelined on Thursday. Coach Sean McVay has said he expects Gurley to suit up against the Cardinals, but there will be real intrigue about his status if he remains sidelined on Friday. Some combination of Justin Davis, John Kelly and C.J. Anderson would carry the load were Gurley to sit. Davis is battling a shoulder injury of his own. Source: Gary Klein on Twitter Dec 20 - 5:49 PM
  10. Tripped himself up juking a defender on a would be TD run to the left side, made 16yds.
  11. Mr. Consistent. Both hamstrung and buoyed by his horrible real life QB. One more week CMC!