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  1. I’d say he starts as WR#4, with two relatively fragile (physically/mentally) guys of the three ahead of him.
  2. Hill/Robinson/Hardman starting 3 wr sets today.
  3. Hill - Robinson - Hardman thebstarting 3 today.
  4. Yea, more so if Hill sits...but Hill does open things up for other guys.
  5. Full PPR, need to start 2 of these 4 today: Tate @ BAL Hardman v HOU Robinson v HOU Williams v WASH
  6. Balt/Philly/KC, that’s it for NFL opponents this season remainder, and one comes after a bye.
  7. I’m banking on this, with Hill likely back this week and Watkins back to his old self of playing half of the season he has a chance to be the second WR option(3rd at LOS with Kelce added).
  8. It’s nice to say, but touches were trending in a bad way pre-injury.
  9. I’m 4-0, but Gordon is back so Ekeler loses some value, McLaurin has no QB and now a touchy hammy, and Jones is up and down and his coach seems to love the JAG behind him. Current Roster: QB: Watson RB1: CMC RB2: Conner WR1: Woods WR2: Watkins Flex1: Ekeler Flex2: A Jones K: Gould Def: Bears Bench: McLaurin, Hardman, Dorsett, Mostert, J Samuels, Crowder, P Williams *Flex 2 would cycle between Dorsett, Hardman, Crowder (Darnold)
  10. Off Exempt list. Anything to see here?
  11. Not sure this line can support two RB2 against even decent teams.
  12. Lovely positive regression. That’s the target monster I was hoping for on draft day...and then some. Obviously not a typical game.
  13. NFL Network reporting Gordon “will only be used in an emergency today”...Ekeler gets his showout day for other teams when his contract comes up.