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  1. After all that offseason hype, the Browns were poised to disappoint. Although they're winning tonight, their offense has looked pretty uninspiring.
  2. Am I watching MNF or at a Dominican nightclub?
  3. Gregg Williams gonna be paying whoever took Njoku out.
  4. Chris Berman - “Hey, we’re bringing back NFL Primetime! All you gotta do is pay $15/mo for ESPN+!”
  5. Pretty decent analysis of his Week 1 performance. Main takeaway is that he's been way too indecisive when running.
  6. Needs TJ surgery. This is most likely the end of the road for Big Ben.
  7. Drew Brees is officially out 6 weeks. Time for Teddy to prove if he still belongs in the league as the highest paid backup QB.
  8. His usage has been maddening. I don't know if Quinn is just easing him back into game action or what, but it's been a frustrating ride so far. The bigger concern is that he had absolutely zero room to run last night, and there were a few times where he got the ball and was immediately met in the backfield for a loss. This speaks to the injury casualties on ATL's o-line, and all we can do is hope that the run blocking can get shored up because that was awful last night.
  9. So frustrating man...completely fluke injury to Brees and now our 1st/2nd round pick has their upside capped.
  10. Against this front seven, Devonta is going to have zero running room. Gotta get going in the passing game...
  11. Every time Freeman touches the ball, there's been two Eagles defenders in the backfield. Incredible.