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  1. FFCollusion Fantasy Forum Championship

  2. 2018 WR Rankings and Discussion

    People seem to expect that he's going to repeat the aberration 1.75 TD / game rate that he enjoyed with Watson.
  3. Rate My Team - WHIR Leave a Link

    Well you got an absolute gift there, lol. You've got a championship contender with this team.
  4. Yeah, Gordon/Watkins definitely gives his team an upside boost, however, is it worth the risk of leaving his team dangerously thin at RB in a 10-team league? I guess if he goes through with the trade, he could scour the wire for handcuffs that weren't drafted and pray that they pan out, but is that really an optimal strategy?
  5. I'd hesitate to accept that offer. I'd rather have Miller considering your RB depth without him gets incredibly thin.
  6. Mahomes as your QB1 is risky, but offers a good amount of upside. Big believer in Guice I see. CT is still in town so that dampens his PPR upside. Not a fan of Adams at all, despite the fact that he's led the NFL in combined receiving scores the past two seasons. He was downright abysmal as GB's WR1 in 2015 when Jordy suffered his ACL tear, and this will be the first year since then when he'll be facing opposing teams' best CBs as the team's WR1. Good luck.
  7. Rate My Team! 10-Team PPR

    Can you please get off the forums till the last week of August? As for the team, I honestly think it's average at best. I like your WR corps way more in standard scoring than I do in PPR. Brees in the 10th is great value, and he'll rebound off of a disappointing season last year since NO won't have 23 rushing TDs like they did in '17. RBs are pretty solid. Love Mixon as a breakout candidate behind a revamped Bengals' OL and Hill's departure from the backfield.
  8. Rate This Team

    First time playing best-ball. 10-team PPR, had the sixth pick. QB: Drew Brees (10), Marcus Mariota (13) RB: Joe Mixon (3), Derrius Guice (5), Sony Michel (6), Royce Freeman (7), Kerryon Johnson (11), TJ Yeldon (20) WR: Antonio Brown (1), Julio Jones (2), Josh Gordon (4), Sammy Watkins (8), Julian Edelman (9), Kelvin Benjamin (12), Martavis Bryant (15) TE: OJ Howard (14), Charles Clay (16) K: Lions (18) D/ST: Patriots (17), Steelers (19) My thoughts: - Should have drafted another K, rookie best ball mistake - RB corps is a bit shaky with so many rookies, but I like Mixon as a breakout candidate and have been targeting Guice in all my leagues so far. Drafted Yeldon since Fournette has displayed an injury propensity - Like Howard and Clay a lot this season esp in PPR as they should be the safety valves on their respective teams
  9. Thoughts on team?

    Can we ban Rush from the RW forums please?
  10. Andrew Luck 2018 Outlook

    Andrew Luck: Still has no pain in throwing shoulder http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000938845/article/andrew-luck-says-he-still-has-no-pain-in-shoulder Let the ADP eruption commence.
  11. Axe Elf's 2018 Players, Teams and Leagues

    Axe Elf, sponsored by:
  12. 2018 Strength of Schedule Discussion

    True, I should have prefaced that in the post. Still something to consider though.
  13. SoS is an important tool to factor into sit/start decisions as well as evaluating players' situations before the draft. Using Scout Fantasy Sports' SoS matrix for weeks 1-16, these are the top 5 easiest strengths of schedule in order for respective positions: QB: BUF, SEA, LAC, DAL, MIA - (McCarron, Wilson, Rivers, Prescott, Tannehill) RB: MIN, CLE, NE, DEN, CAR - (Cook, Chubb/Hyde/Johnson, who knows, Freeman/Booker, McCaffrey/CJA) WR: ATL, CAR, MIA, BUF, ARI - (Julio, Funchess, Parker/Stills, Benjamin, Fitz/DJ) TE: LAC, KC, OAK, DEN, TEN - (no idea, Kelce, Walford?, Butt, Walker) D/ST: CIN, BAL, TEN, JAX, IND Top 5 most difficult: QB: GB, CLE, DET, IND, CIN - (Rodgers, Taylor, Stafford, Luck, Dalton) RB: WAS, LAR, SF, GB, NYG - (Guice/Perine, Gurley, McKinnon, Jones/Williams, Barkley) WR: IND, CLE, CIN, BAL, TEN - (Hilton, Gordon/Landry, Green, Crabtree, Davis/Matthews) TE: ATL, GB, CAR, CHI, DET - (Hooper, Graham, Olsen, Burton, Ebron) D/ST: WAS, MIA, DEN, BUF, DAL Couple points I noticed from this list: - GB has a brutal schedule this season - Rivers and the Chargers' passing attack should feast Reference: https://fftoolbox.scoutfantasysports.com/football/strength_of_schedule.cfm?type=d&sortby=DEF
  14. Tom Brady Season Outlook 2018

  15. Kareem Hunt 2018 Season Outlook

    https://arrowheadaddict.com/2018/06/06/kareem-hunt-punches-man-ohio-resort-kansas-city-chiefs-report/ Nice...