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  1. Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

    Knew it and I knew it would come against my team too. Smh. Good for us owners tho. Seemed like he was also used more in the passing game.
  2. Dion Lewis 2018 Outlook

    Is needing a TD to hit 20 points in .5 PPR really supposed to scare me off? What a weird standard. I have Mixon in half point PPR and he's only broken 20 twice this year. All the early season narratives in the world don't change the fact that Lewis's last two games will make for some hard roster decisions this week. Based on his usage and play the last two games, his 2nd half could be much different than his 1st. And that's without taking into account if the Titans offense is trending up or not. Lewis finished with 18 vs the Chargers, without a TD and the Titans offense failing to score 20 points. Actually, I'm looking at their schedule and last night looks like the 1st time they've scored more than 20 points in regulation all year. Def room for improvement all around.
  3. Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

    Chubb can make guys miss and has the long speed. The volume is great, but the long runs are coming too. So much for those wondering why crazy Hyde owners were cuffing Chubb.
  4. Duke Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Not just that but the Falcons were the first team to hold Barkley under 100 yards last game then shut down AP today. Early season narratives are not always full season narratives.
  5. Matt Ryan 2018 Outlook

    Deion Jones and Jarrett are returning and ATL has a defensive minded head coach. You would have to think things improve eventually, but I honestly don't think it matter much. Freeman being out is probably better for his ceilings. Falcon fans have noticed the difference in Ryan's numbers with Freeman and without. Hard to say whether it's causation, but it's real. Idk. I'm optimistic, but the Steelers game should make you question the set it and forget it. I would like to think the "dome team" thing is overstated, but the ATL schedule IS front loaded with home games. I have had Wentz and now Andrew Luck as a backup and haven't played either. But I plan to eventually be swapping him and Luck based on match-ups. I think.
  6. Carlos Hyde 2018 Outlook

    Guess the experts get it right sometimes.
  7. Niles Paul 2018 Outlook

    Damn. Some serious forewarning in this thread. Sure enough, he left the game early with an injury. Thought I had just gotten lucky when he had a goose egg in my opponent's lineup.
  8. Carlos Hyde 2018 Outlook

    From the FantasyPros Primer: Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson: It’s now been 4-of-5 games where Hyde has averaged 3.7 or less yards per carry. I’m not saying he’s played poorly, but he also hasn’t been a game-changer for their offense. When you have a high second-round pick on the bench who’s flashed at times, you need to do better than the current 3.5 yards per carry on the season. The Chargers have struggled against the pass this year, but they’ve played the run extremely well and got defensive tackle Corey Liuget back last week. Outside of Todd Gurley (who runs on everyone), the Chargers have yet to allow a running back more than 49 yards on the ground. That’s included Kareem Hunt, LeSean McCoy, Matt Breida, and Marshawn Lynch. Of all those running backs, Gurley was the only one able to score more than 10.8 PPR points, which should give Hyde owners cause for concern. The reason for hope, though, is that the Chargers have allowed 26.0 points per game, which ranks 12th-most in the league, so it’s possible that Hyde gets a goal-line plunge. I’d consider him a high-end RB3 this week who will disappoint if he doesn’t score. Johnson went back to his barely-used role, so he’s nothing more than a “hope he’s used more” RB4 option. There have been five running backs who’ve totaled at least 29 receiving yards against them, but Johnson’s usage is just so disappointing.
  9. Ronald Jones 2018 Outlook

    That was clearly posted that to highlight that the ability to catch the ball has not been a glaring issue in the past. I saw another post where someone stated you simply can't start him when most are CLEARLY just considering them as a stash. This trend of people arguing with nobody is getting out of control. He's a stash that has shown ability in the past whose opportunity might be on the uptick. Period. There's never been much more else necessary for hope on this board.
  10. Matt Ryan 2018 Outlook

    RIght? Just post after post of people doubling down on Matt Ryan sucking after each good game. lol. I'm sure most of us Ryan owners waited on QB and grabbed him. You've already got your money's worth at this point. Hopefully he keeps rolling. Think the addition of Freeman can only be a plus.
  11. Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

    Exactly. Or he may get two carries. The majority of negative takes are people saying "Well you can't start him" or "he's not getting a lot of carries". Literally arguing a point that no one is making. Chubb COULD get an increased workload as the season goes on. Chubb COULD not. Literally everyone on your roster is there because of what they COULD do. People are guessing just guessing just like they did during the draft. We just have an additional 4 weeks of evidence to guess with.
  12. Carlos Hyde 2018 Outlook

    Speaking Monday, Browns coach Hue Jackson said Nick Chubb "has to get some." "(Carlos) Hyde is playing well, but this guy is scoring touchdowns from long ways away," Jackson said. "We have good backs. We know that. Sometimes it is going to be hit and miss where some other guy is making it happen and then the other guy goes in and does it." Chubb is a freak athlete big-play threat who could certainly change the pace for the better in the Browns' offense. It's still extremely unlikely he comes into standalone fantasy value as long as Hyde is healthy. Hyde, of course, has an extensive injury history. Chubb is a must stash in all formats.
  13. Tyreek Hill 2018 Outlook

    Soooo full steam ahead against the Jags?
  14. Cleveland Browns 2018 Outlook

  15. Was offered this trade. Should I make it? My RBs post trade would be Kamara, Mixon, Hyde, Lynch, Crowell & Ronald Jones. WRs would be T Hill, Cooks, Landry and Watkins. Already have Ryan at QB. Am I sacrificing too much WR strength? I may already have a RB1 & RB2. Not sure if there is reason to get greedy.