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  1. I’m apprehensive considering he couldn’t beat out JaVale before. Kid probably has a bright future but I just don’t think he’s ready right now. I’m thinking he’ll have a few good games here and there where he reminds you of his upside but mostly will be inconsistent at best
  2. I like him a little more now that Bradley is gone but not sure how much more.
  3. This year he’s a beast no doubt but he was talking about last year.
  4. Idk where you got that from but it’s not true.
  5. I see your point but I don’t really remember John Collins having a monster game like Bryant did last night. At some point you just have to let the dude get some burn to figure it all out.
  6. I wouldn’t worry too much. Huerter was already playing ahead of those two.
  7. What does everyone think on Jaren Jackson Jr after the trades today?
  8. I read somewhere that Brook’s was pulling him out because he’d make mistakes on D. Being a young player that doesn’t surprise me. At that point though they were clearly still trying to win games though. Getting rid of Porter pretty much sends the message that they’re gonna tank. So now that they’re not trying to win games why wouldn’t they let him play through his mistakes?
  9. The tank is on. No reason not to play him now right? Or Scotty Brook’s really that stupid?
  10. I would think Justin Jackson is a huge winner. The youth movement is on in Dallas
  11. So what? Pelicans just call whoever ends up with the number one pick(knicks most likely) and ask them if they’d like to trade it for AD. I understand wanting to take a dollar now rather than two later cause of all the what if’s but sometimes it pays to be patient. At the end of the day there’s only one AD and the pelicans will have no shortage of suitors for him.
  12. I believe that the deal that’s on the table now will be there this offseason. Magic will be under increasing pressure to make something happen because it’s LA LA land and that’s where NO will be able to keep some leverage otherwise Magic will get crucified for striking out again a la PG13. Not saying there’s no risk but nothing ventured nothing gained right?
  13. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you I’m an expert talent evaluator but if what you say is true he at least is younger(3 years maybe?) and is battle tested in the playoffs all the way up to game 7 of the ECF. That experience coupled with his youth tells me Tatum has a higher ceiling.
  14. While I pretty much agree with everything you said I’d argue that waiting to get Tatum is actually not a bad move because Tatum is a better asset than anything in the Lakers offer. Hell I’d argue that he’s even a better asset than the number one pick this year(Zion).
  15. I wish I could remember who the poster was in the AD thread that said that Danny Ainge was gonna screw NO in a deal like he does everyone else. This sounds like a classic bait and switch.