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  1. Is anyone stopping for a handucuff to any of your players. To me right now he seems like a handcuff to Lindsay.
  2. Wish I didn’t think Lindsay’s game 1 was a fluke. Royce Freeman won’t return value this year
  3. I know I know “cool story bro” but I see an eagles trade. He’s young and Ajayi has been hurt throughout his whole career.
  4. Needed 9 more yards to win. Not even used in the 4th Quarter. Saw no more than a couple snaps in the 4th. Funny they say he’s not on a high snap count because of pass protection but Rodgers is getting hit a lot with both Ty and Williams in. You would think the best way to protect your QB is to have an actual running game threat. What can I say though I’m not an nfl coach.
  5. Trading away: Jordan Howard Trey Burton Amari Cooper Getting: David Johnson Chris Thompson Tyler Eifert STANDARD LEAGUE. Pull the trigger?
  6. RB/WR tag and had a decent game just throwing it out there.
  7. Mike Evans can’t maintain? Also just because they can’t maintain(Patrick mahomes) doesn’t mean he can’t continue to produce good numbers.
  8. No it’s not actually. Why would you get rid of the players that are producing on your team?
  9. Sure let teams think that. He will come alive sooner than later.
  10. So basically sell everyone who did well and buy everyone who did squat. Sounds like the recipe for success?