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  1. Walker buehler Luis Castillo Joe musgrove Carlos rodon Zach wheeler Any help is greatly appreciated.
  2. Absolute garbage. Projections are rarely updated. I emailed them. And instead of getting a response that it will be fixed. All it said is they update them every week. Why would I be emailing them if they did? Done with rotoworld season pass.
  3. What’s wrong Offensively? WHIR

    Your team is solid. Probably just need to patiently wait for them to get going.
  4. Who to drop for Gennett? WHIR

    Definitely don't drop schoop. I actually would probably stand pat. But if you really like gennett, drop hernandez.
  5. Was wondering what everybody's thoughts on how many innings pitched these 3 starters would get the rest of the year? Sean Newcomb Walker Buehler Alex Reyes Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. Rank these guys ROS. 100% WHIR

    Conforto, Kinsler, Alonso, Anderson, Margot, Choo, Gurrel, Hamilton Newcomb, Gray, Pivetta, Lopez, Hamels, Teheran, Minor, Montgomery
  7. Possible Blockbuster WHIR

    I'd do it. Severino in the 30th & harper is injury prone.
  8. Too Much for Stras? WHIR

    Tough to find aces on the trade market. I'd do it and pick up a free agent with upside.
  9. Luis Castillo worth WW claim? WHIR

    Yes! Thinking about picking him up in my 12 team mixed league.
  10. Fair Trade? WHIR

    I personally like the arrietta end of the deal. I don't have faith in grandall or hamels.
  11. Walker buehler & Luis Castillo are free agents. So I need these 5 starting pitchers ranked for the rest of the season so I know who to drop. Walker buehler Luis Castillo Sean Newcomb Andrew Heaney Jake Faria
  12. I believe schoop is a clear upgrade. Conforto wouldn't be bad either. Lamb would probably be my next choice, but inferior to arenado and equal at best to turner.
  13. Could use some help ranking these starting pitchers the rest of the season. Whir Luis Castillo Jake Faria Andrew Heaney Sean Newcomb Thanks