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  1. Sure, check it out
  2. I did a football one and it took about a week and that was larger rosters. Oh no not at all. Each player has a clock on them
  3. Everybody gets 3 nominations. So when a player that you nominated ends you'll get another. When you're outbid on a player it resets the clock 12 hours. Only reset if you're outbid. So if you have 75 in on AD and the highest another person goes is 65 then you get him for that.
  4. Just normal H2H 13 roster spots. 12 teams for sure. Oh man you're definitely missing out of you've never done this before!
  5. Looking for some guys to join a $200 slow auction through Yahoo and Couch managers. All payments through leaguesafe. If anybody has never done a slow auction on couch managers, it is one of the most fun drafts you will ever experience. If interested or have any questions drop your email. Looking to start when league is full. Thanks guys.