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  1. Headache to own!I’m holding on hoping he turns it around and good Playoff sched only reason for me😆
  2. Just picked up dwight and hopefully he will comeback healthy ready to Rill for the playoffs😁
  3. Who to stash?Whir 100%

    Thanks a lot for your help fellas😊👍
  4. Dwight for Dragic IR swap?

    Get dwight and wiz have a nice playiff schedule👍
  5. U guys think bryant will take a hit when howard comes back?
  6. Satoransky, Larry Nance, Love

    I would go with sato(4-4-4) and nance who should be playing more than love with a good Playoff sched as well(4-4-3)i’m assuming your playoff starts on week 22 to 24
  7. I have an open spot on my roster and will stash howard plus wiz playoff schedule is looking good nothing to lose here😁
  8. 12 teams H2H currently in 3rd place “points league” my team harden/capela/Gobert/Garris/murray/Hield/redick/ingles/Jrich/OPJ/Sato/Roco(waiting for favors trade to kick in and join my team)Currently on the WW Rondo/Dragic/Levert/D Howard/Bjelica/Nance and I’m also looking at players Playoff sched as we are nearing that time for the playoffs😊 Help pls comments/thoughts/advice Whir 100% thanks in advance
  9. James Harden 2018-2019 Outlook

    I agree with u 100%. I rather have harden in Playoffs 100% healthy and not burnt out.I’m hoping capela comes back healthy and 100% as i own both players😃
  10. Ricky Rubio 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I’m trying to pry this guy out kf his owners hand by offerinf a 2 to 1 deal and while he’a injured🤞 My fingers the iwner bites 😂
  11. This guy so frustrating to own😆 no other FA worth dropping for the meantime!
  12. Get well and can’t wait to have him back before the playoffs start!
  13. James Harden 2018-2019 Outlook

    Wow!!I’m glad this guy is on my team!
  14. Is it time to add him or stash?I can use this guy service with capela going down😞