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  1. I’m in a 14 team league espn points!I’m planning on grabbing Gobert with my 1st or 2nd pick depends were i land on draft order..i’m thinking pairing gobert with turner/drummond/Ayton any input/suggestion is appreciated..How would u rank those players ty
  2. I’m New to this if someone could please help me or educate me regarding abiut drafting ty.My Question is would u draft the same even if it’s a different format like 8/9Cat H2H or Points leage?Thanks in advance
  3. How about for Points league?How would u draft in points league?Would u treat it like 9Cat H2H?does it even matter?
  4. I need help pls who do i use for this week between the two?Who do u guys like?This is for my last spot on my team.My team Harden/capela/gobert/millsap/crowder/buddy/j rich/Sato/T bryant/ J murray/garris/redick/favors..Help pls my semifinals starts tomorrow thank you😅🤞
  5. My PO starts next week!Any update or when should we see the lord back on the floor?
  6. What were u expecting from howard?He is coming back.
  7. Any idea when we should expect him back?I hope he gets back in shape before the PO starts😊🤞
  8. Excited to have this guy back and PO is right around the corner😊
  9. I’ll take a chance with dwight and they have a good PO sched.I’ll be happy with 10 Points and few rbds👊
  10. Bbm has this guy coming back on 2/21 and wizz have a nice playoff schedule4-4-4 hope he does play again this year.I can use him.
  11. I just want garris and murray to be healthy for once and deliver during the playoffs after all of the headache he has given during the season!
  12. LetMs go Lord Cov i need u back already and playoffs is near😁 It says on BBM expected return date is on 2/21 i hope that’s accurate
  13. Let’s go Clint i need you back and playoffs is right around the corner😊
  14. I’m only holding onto this guy hoping he turns it around on the 2nd half of the season and WW is dry+PO schedule is nice but besides that regret drafting him and headache all season long😜