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  1. I was really hoping for Vaughn but he went 1.1. Got Meija, Collins, Cartaya and K Ruiz in the pipeline at C. With Kingery, Rosario and Wander at SS. Team is definitely not a monster squad. Definitely pointing upwards in the next couple of years. Just waiting for the influx of Wander, Gore, Mize and Luzardo to name a few.
  2. Would anyone be crazy enough to go with Witt Jr. at #2 with Vaughn going 1.1?
  3. One spot left to fill then we start drafting.
  4. https://www.fleaflicker.com/mlb/leagues/22322
  5. Looking for interested owners for a 12 team, fantasy point, daily lineup, taxi squad for minors, slow live email draft over on flea. GroupMe used. If this sounds like something you are interested in email me at link22_7@hotmail.com or leave your email.
  6. The offer was from him to me. So you would snatch it up.
  7. Would you trade these three in a full dynasty league for Vlad Jr. Give W Franco, A Reyes, L Castillo Get Vlad Jr. Franco a elite prospect in his own right. Reyes just doesn't seem like it will come together for him. Castillo started out well but should come back to earth. My roster https://www.fleaflicker.com/mlb/leagues/17789/teams/104763
  8. I would use your stream spot. As i'm not dropping a pitcher facing the Phillies in the playoffs.
  9. We are in the finals and I have 1 more roster move allowed (max 3 moves during the playoffs). I had a decent lead going into yesterday but he had two starts to my zero so he closed the gap considerably. So now i'm up 29.5 points going into the last four days. I have been wrestling with Stroman vs Giolito as my last add. Stroman is thinking more about the future. Stroman has a side session today. So I have to wait until after that to make that decision. Giolito has been pitching much better than Stroman recently. But I don't foresee fitting him into my top 20 keepers. So I think I know the answer but what do you guys think? Pick up Giolito and don't worry about the long tem? Starts Remaining My Team - Lynn, Gray, Darvish, Tanaka, Junis, Berrios, C Martinez, Bumgarner and one of Giolito or Stroman His Starts - Kershaw, Rodon, Heaney, Godley, Bauer - Still has 3 claims if he uses them
  10. Not the biggest Story fan. As I think Rodgers should replace him as next season. But this is a smart move with Price's elbow issues. My only hesitation would be a little more shopping to see if you can get a better offer.
  11. I have a big need for a catcher. At the moment i'm running with C Kelly as I got tired of Wieters. I asked the Sanchez owner and he said he would trade him for Honeywell my 1st and 5th round picks in the 2018 draft. We keep 20 players 12 teams fantasy points H2H. This is what my pitching staff looks like. We can roster a max of 10 SP at a time. I'm on the outside looking in on the playoffs with a 8-9 record. SP's - Madison Bumgarner, Carlos Martinez, Yu Darvish, Jose Berrios, Masahiro Tanaka, Danny Salazar, John Gray, Eduardo Rodriguez, Jameson Taillon and Brent Honeywell
  12. Can't really go wrong with either. While Brinson's first time around was rather disappointing. I think he will bounce back well this time around if given the playing time. Both should give you good speed and power numbers. I think it's a reach seeing either as a keep 3 option at this point. help on mine?
  13. Damn this screwed me tonight. Championship week and my 18-0 seems like it has run out of luck. Lost Embiid but the team kept chugging along. Lost out on Simmons playing this season no big deal. But this week I have W Chandler, Bledsoe, Batum. Porzingis and Carroll all go down. Now i'm in the hole by 75 points going into the last four days. Tonight I had no idea that Bledsoe was even questionable thanks to s---y flea not updating about him at all. Ended up with Ulis sitting on the bench with 32 points. Stupid Zubac s--- the bed tonight after scoring 52 the other night. While my opponent has f'ng Vince Carter dropping 61 points on me when he hadn't even scored that much the rest of the month before the other night. I have a feeling the fantasy gods are taking me down. Full panic mode and go figure it's my only money league for basketball.