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  1. If we banish him to our benches this week, he will almost certainly blow up with 2 TD's at our dismay
  2. I wouldn't drop him in any PPR leagues just yet
  3. You convinced me enough to drop Jimmy Graham to pick Dissly up as my backup TE to Olsen. Lets hope he keeps getting red zone looks.
  4. I really want to add him, since holding any piece of this soon to be historic 2019 Patriots offense looks promising. I just can't seem to justify picking him up right now, for even though he has done well given the work he was given so far, his touches are limited in this very crowded backfield. When does Harris come back?
  5. Anyone think he has a chance at taking the reins from Freeman this season? Freeman has busted hard so far, dunno if he has anything left in the tank.
  6. QB is becoming like the TE position in fantasy...due to the amount of injuries and rookies starting, their is a huge gap between the top echelon of QB's (Mahones, Watson and company) vs everyone else
  7. Exactly. A concussion could knock out any skill position player at any given time. It was just bad luck.
  8. This game literally is 100% a game of chance, and a game of inches. For example, my opponent would have beaten me if Kupp wasn't ruled just short of the goal line on his monster catch. Or if Brees didn't get hurt, my opponent's Kamara would have had a better game stat wise. Or if two of his opponents didn't put up donuts.
  9. I am venting for my opponent, who absolutely should of beaten me this week. He had two donuts in Njoku and DJax, and I barely scraped by with the win tonight.
  10. The putrid O-line on this team is literally killing Watson, and likewise his ability to air it out to Nuk
  11. This reminds of years past when I burned my second pick on duds like D. Martin. Bad team, bad O-line, will be playing from behind most games, in which case Bernard will see more passing down work. Gonna be a long year.
  12. I feel he was a steal for most who drafted him this year. I got him in the 13th round, and I am starting him every week over Aaron Rodgers. The Patriots schedule and the AB trade make the old dinosaur a must start.
  13. Down by 1.5 pts in a 0.5 PPR league. My Landry vs his Nkoju. It truly is a 50/50 chance
  14. Wasted my number 2 pick on Mixon and my number 5 pick on A. Rodgers
  15. What the heck happened? Anyone watch the game to see if he was even active?!