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  1. Is this guy good for 25 rebounds over the next 3 games?
  2. MIL plays cleveland twice this week. Rest up Giannis 🤞😏
  3. 6 mins in with 0s across-the-board. I knew I shouldn't have picked up someone with a terrible name like purtle
  4. This guy is sucking cock at the worst time f***in hell man
  5. Is this guy forrreal? Has anybody watched? Need consistent 8+ rebounds
  6. Thanks for making it an easy decision to drop next week
  7. This guy has played for 20 mins what exactly is he doing? Getting no stats at all
  8. He just got his 15th technical - he'll be out next game. Only 2 games next week now 😒come on russ
  9. Drummond I appreciate everything you do but 1 steal all week isn't going to cut it let's go buddy
  10. I don't think anybody knows but I do know that this is horse s--- lol needed his stocks badly