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  1. Damn Gurley looks hesitant. Either his knee isn't right or he's thinking about it.
  2. People are overreacting on Gurley. He's been on the field the whole time. Most of his carries have seen him with defenders in his face. Plus he didn't see any preseason action. Give it some time. The worry should be if Brown becomes the goal line back. That would be a disaster. I fully expect him to lose touches this season but Goff needs to start looking his way in the passing game more.
  3. A lot of the issue with Gurley right now is that Goff has zero vision. He's been wide open for a couple of swing passes or dump offs and Goff instead tries to force it to a WR.
  4. This is what I'm wondering. I know that O line is garbage but I didn't think it would be this bad.
  5. So far my RBs of Gurley, Freeman, and Monty are looking like a real disaster.
  6. If Brown is the goal line guy all season, Gurleys value just plummeted.
  7. Andrews should be fine this season. Lamar is a weak passer for sure and that's while he'll hyper target a safe, short option like Andrews rather than bomb it downfield to his garbage WRs.
  8. Raiders offense will be better than last season and Carr was able to make Cook a top end TE. Ndjoku just has too many mouths to feed around him in Cleveland. OBJ, Landry, and Chubb are all gonna get theirs well before Ndjoku.
  9. If it wasn't for AR creating acres of separation, Mitch wouldn't break 150 passing yards today.
  10. Good start to my fantasy season with Adams and Monty in my lineup. Ouch.
  11. Not sure what's worse...Nagys playcalling or Mitch's QB play. Nagy, it's Nagy.
  12. I'd take this. SF might be a timeshare but Breida is better than Coleman and that offense is a lot better than the trash in Washington. Help with mine?
  13. It sucks but you have to hold him. Or try to flip him to the Ekeler owner and get somwthing and avoid the hassle. Help with mine?
  14. Nah, you don't have the RB depth to make this move. Help with mine?