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  1. Try fantrax! I wont play on any other site after playing on fantrax.
  2. Looking for managers for a fantrax 8 cat 10 team Roto league, slow snake draft to allow for people's schedules. Up to 6 hours per pick. Draft starts on Saturday September 28th 5p.m. Pacific. It's a money league but we play for fun also! Payouts $400, $150, $50. Payment upon joining, treasurer. Once everyone joins I will randomize draft order
  3. Still 5 spots. This is also a fantasy league using treasurer and 100% payouts.
  4. I changed to 12 and changed payouts.. still top 3 get paid, if I should do a 4th paid spot let me know.
  5. Have some interested but not in 10 team, might switch to 12
  6. 7 spots available.. I got fantrax to give us a free premium league so I included different categories to avoid redundancy
  7. Ok. I sent you the link. When you know which keeper you want you can message me here or email me Or in fantrax. I'm Bechteljay