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  1. Tyus Jones 2017 Outlook

    They cut the lead the moment he goes to the bench, he comes back in and pushes the lead back up.
  2. Greg Monroe 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Mike James is on a 2-way contract, so they could send him to the G-League until they sort everything else out. There's really no incentive as they don't have a true back up PG, so they kind of need him on the roster. However, if they want to get any kind of value for Monroe, they can play the waiting game until any type of trade opens up.
  3. Jaylen Brown 2017 - 2018 Season Outlook

    He had 3 fouls in the first 4:30 minutes.
  4. Might be worth the look now with all the injuries piling up in Atlanta. Definitely should get run at the 2 and extra run at the 3 so Prince can play more at the 4. He actually worked his way back a lot faster than I expected after the injuries.
  5. John Collins 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    That makes more sense.
  6. John Collins 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    That's so weird. From watching the clip, I'd expect his right shoulder to be the one that dislocated. That's the one Love hits down on as Collins goes up. But he's definitely favoring his left should as he walks off.
  7. Tyus Jones 2017 Outlook

    Let's get this 4x5.
  8. Tyus Jones 2017 Outlook

    Another start tonight.
  9. Hes probably a “keep a watchful eye on guy” in 12 teamers. I think hes worth the flier in 12+. Their backup pgs are not very effective, so i can see bembry being the second unit ball handler. I expect mini-early-tyreke evans types of stats.
  10. Really Really Really Deep Sleepers

    ^ Ditto to Glenn Robinson and Cheick Diallo. Missed those two. Dakari Johnson and T. Ferg as well. I have to think that McCaw, Brooks, and Vonleh are long gone though. I'm curious to see OP's feedback for some of these suggestions. Were trying to move in this direction in a dynasty league and I would love to see what kind of talent I'm going to be scrounging around for if that ever happens.
  11. Jaylen Brown 2017 - 2018 Season Outlook

    Not trying to jump into this whole argument you all got going on, but I would like to point out the double standard that's getting thrown around. Most people are arguing that he wasn't a good FT shooter in college or his rookie year as a point that his FT shooting won't go up as this year goes on, but everyone is ignoring the fact that his FT shooting in college/rookie season wasn't as bad as it is right now. He shot 65% in college and 68% in his rookie year (which is usually a low year for FT%). If he pulls it back up to 66.5% (an average of his last 2 season playing ball), that's not much worse than Lebron has given people in the past.
  12. Really Really Really Deep Sleepers

    DJ Wilson and Malik Beasley also.
  13. Really Really Really Deep Sleepers

    Isaiah Taylor (Probably the hot new pickup in a league that deep) Semi Ojeleye Guerschon Yabusele Abdel Nader Ante Zizic Wade Baldwin Montrezel Harrell Henry Ellenson Jordan Bell (feel like he'd be gone in that deep of a league) Johnny O'Bryant Malachi Richardson Daniel Theis (Not much upside, but he'll contribute more in the short term than most of these guys)
  14. Terry Rozier 2017/2018 Outlook

    Tough call. Depends on the league size. In a larger league, I would say he's at least a hold to see how it shakes out. They seem to be going bigger (they're going big again tonight in the starting lineup). In a smaller league, he's a borderline cut. I think if you're not concerned about points, he'll still be a useful player. Rebounds, steals, and 3s should be there in good amounts no matter how many minutes he plays. Upside for points/assists will be there, but not as consistent as the other categories. %s are really gonna be his handicap.