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  1. I don’t see why Conner wouldn’t be the starter/primary back ROS. 1. He’s outperformed Bell to Bell’s previous production through a season this far. 2. Bell’s bodily preservation for his future value is important to the Steelers (trade value, yes the deadline has passed this season but limiting touches may be important) 3. Conner is their present and future. Outperformance in both gameplayability and PR (Pitts loves him). 4. Bell will be a week or two ready from full FB performance. (Maybe the first week, he has Steelers history and no doubt is in physical shape, and is as gifted as they come). But why risk any change from Conner’s capability at this point? edit...and the Steelers seem to be a non-RBBC team.
  2. He can do everything in his power but he needs the Oline on board. They can screw him for being an entitled bitch.
  3. They just need to eat a W to get back on track.