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  1. Recent foul trouble and just game flow (blowouts).
  2. Successful Trades 2018-2019

    Why? Vetoes should not be allowed if two managers both want to make the trade, assuming they aren't colluding.
  3. I HATE yahoo but this is actually cool. It's not a limit, it tells you that you have one more player going than your opponent while he's had one more so as of Monday. Screw yahoo.
  4. Paul George 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Anyone else concerned with this and how it could impact his rest of season outlook? https://newsok.com/article/5613765/paul-george-playing-through-nerve-issue-in-his-foot
  5. At what point does SVG say screw it and give his former lotto pick Henry Ellenson some minutes?
  6. I had to drop. Have Harden and couldn't afford 2 deadweights until Friday.
  7. DeRozan and Lowry? Should I cut?

    10000% agreed with the bold. I'd wait until Tuesday at the earliest and don't blame you if you decide to cut bait right there. I'd almost consider waiting it out until Saturday as you have a better idea of what stats you need to stream to get yourself the ship. Once again, Booker and Warren SHOULD be good to go by next week. Same with Gary Harris.
  8. DeRozan and Lowry? Should I cut?

    Something to consider for JJ is that Booker and TJ Warren should be back by then. Ditto with Gary Harris. Honestly, while games played is a factor in determining weekly results, I think it gets overvalued. Last year, I was in the championship and I had DOMINATED the league all year. My top 5 players had 3 games while his had 4 (same situation). I asked on Monday morning if he wanted to split the pot because I was scared. Of course he said yes but in the end, I would have won. Long story short, top players with less games played > streamers with a game advantage. I am completely hear you, championship should be two weeks. In short, I'd wait for Lowry and Derozan to play, drop, and then play it by ear. Maybe one of his core players sit too (B2B?).
  9. 5 for the 2 weeks
  10. Dejounte or G Hill ROS? Whir

    Gordon getting shut down? Where have you seen that? With nikola coming back too, its almost 100% certain everyone loses touches including Mario. Mario most likely goes back to a bench role. Declining option on Mario shows they aren't invested in him, almost playing him out of necessity due to no healthy bodies. In regards to your question, depends on need. If you need 3's Hill, everything else I'd probably say Murray.
  11. Deandre Jordan 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    What's extremely messed up is that after both Milos and Blake threw him an alley oop (commentator said Milos can throw it anywhere and knows DJ will come down with it) thought to myself that DJ is gonna roll his ankle bad at some point this season. Here's hoping to less wreckless alley oop passes and plays like DJ got hurt in general...
  12. Deandre Jordan 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Clippers curse is so real...was it the Kardashian curse because of Blake? Or is it the Sterling curse? Only silver lining is he didn't immediately go to the locker room? Sat on the bench for a minute, talked to a couple trainers then eventually headed back. Could have been adrenaline but yeah did not look good. Really hoping it's not serious so the Clips can keep their false illusion of making the playoffs..
  13. Brandon Ingram 2017-18 Outlook

    3 point shooting a fluke? Same with better free throw %? You would think someone who makes mid range jumpers pretty often would eventually get his % up. "Los Angeles Lakers second-year forward Brandon Ingram is beginning to revert back to his form from earlier this season. Over the last three contests Ingram is shooting 64.7 percent from the field including knocking down five of his six 3-point attempts. One teammate who has taken notice is Brook Lopez. A nine-year veteran in the NBA, Lopez has pretty much seen it all in the NBA. Coming across his fair share of young, promising players, Lopez can tell the difference between someone who is going to stick around, and someone who will flame out." "“I don’t see him with a ceiling at this point, honestly. For the things he’s doing at 20 years old, it’s really astonishing to watch. You see him on court and it’s one thing obviously, but just to see his work ethic and dedication to the game, it’s second to none. He’s the first one in here getting shots up, getting work in, day in and day out, every day. It’s a testament to the kind of guy he is. I think we’ve just barely begun to see what B.I. can do.” Not that Brook's opinion means a damn thing.
  14. Wayne Ellington 2017-2018 Outlook

    Right. He looked promising before he hurt his wrist last year minus the inefficiencies. Jonathon Simmons or Wayne Ellington ROS Trench MOB? Concerned he does get traded and compound that with Fournier possibly getting traded... I know its dumb to speculate about trades and trying to gauge players ROS but have been burned many times because of trades in the past.