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  1. what is the forecast for this guy once nuggets get healthy ? milsap barton harris what will his value be
  2. whose the better Hoosier, Vonleh or Bryant ? similar games
  3. i dropped this guy, he isn't giving u any rebound or assist numbers.
  4. payton is having a career start. gentrys fast tempo could be helping him like it did rondo last year. scoring is up. his boards and assist combo is elite , rondo lite. shai and white won't be able to match those
  5. he's also about 6-9, 6-10 with his wingspan. listed at 6 7 but lanky. averaged 7-8 boards in college and a block a game. if borrego puts him at power forward could help his numbers too
  6. like keiff, puts up decent boards, points,a three, steal and block here and there. Paul milsap for half the price
  7. milsap isn't much better than a markeiff morris these days
  8. not sure why sixers got rid of bellilini and stauskas
  9. send me the payment link I think I already joined but i was deleted