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  1. I think 1k yards and 8 ish TD’s are on the table.
  2. Grade 2. My quick google tells me he’ll be shut down for about a month. Rotoworld blurd says a couple weeks. Either way this is a bummer, been sitting on him for over a year
  3. Please no... please please please
  4. “Better,” Hedges said of how Lamet looked in comparison to last spring training. “Everything is just as nasty, but it’s under control. Everything is where it’s supposed to be. He was executing high fastballs where he needed to. He’s smarter now. He understand what he needs to be to be who he wants to be, which is one of the best pitchers in baseball.” sign me up
  5. Looks like he’s back up to start v the Dodgers. I took a flyer.
  6. It’s now official official
  7. Anything to see here? Potential fit with KC or back with Saints if Kamara is out?
  8. Might need him for a last hurrah on Sunday... anyone taking a chance at home vs Houston? Had 12k’s last time out and had a good start before that
  9. Anyone rolling him out against the Yanks on Friday?
  10. I’m no doctor but I’ve got to assume the hope is a small fracture w a one-two week recovery time. Absolutely classless move... awful
  11. Anyone else feel like his losing steam again? Sat a few games and now is hitting 6 in the lineup. I’m debating moving on from him for my playoff run.
  12. He got pulled late in his second AA game and has missed the last two, maybe three. I can’t find anything anywhere on why. Anyone got anything? I imagine it’s an injury but you’d think it would be announced