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  1. I agree if they were traded healthy, if the reason is being injured, it should not be vetoed
  2. If horford's injury turns out worse than thought do you think he will have a great value,?
  3. I hate when they are lowballing my vucevic...i had offers like klay thompson after announced that curry will be playing...he sent me it trhee times i rejected it 3 times...but on the third one i noted if you really want vooch give me your lillard...he stopped lol
  4. Ft is different from fg...a 40 percent fg player who shoots 10 shots a game can be save by a 50 percent fg player who attempts 10 a game..they will have a decent 45 %fg percentage...unlike a ft player who shoots 60%a game 5 attempts a game, you will need to have a player who shoots 100% from the line and attempts 5 a game or a james harden to be a decent ft shooting team in fantasy
  5. This is the reason i play deep leagues....
  6. Any news? Km also on board that he has value even coming off the bench
  7. I was offered brolo for my osman.. I need a center in my 16 man league h2h
  8. I dont think he is in their future plans Reasons 1)sixers were looking for 2nd round picks in exchange of him...but instead they gave up their second pick to unload him(thats how awful he is base on my logic) 2) if he was really not fit, why just not let him play in gleague?why dnp?
  9. Of course draymond green... who else????! Or do you want me also to add it for you?