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  1. 23 and 10 and hasnt missed from the field. Is that good?
  2. Love is out on Saturday - good stream opportunity for Larry
  3. DId he not play in the 2nd quarter? Does anyone have any spare poison that they can lend me?
  4. If the Blazers want to give up 175 points a game this is the way to go.
  5. In my 9 cat double double league, Davis has a 1.50 z score, harden is 1.57. Kawhi, who on a per game basis is the 7th ranked player, has a z score of 0.69 - that means that Davis has over double the overall value than the 7th ranked fantasy player. That is completely insane.
  6. Again, when going by overall value and not team fit - Davis would need to play LESS than 20 minutes per game to not be a top 5 fantasy player. Davis and Harden are almost double better than the 6th-12th players in 8cat. I traded Gobert and McCollum for Davis in a 9 cat league
  7. Is this his floor after everything we've been through?
  8. Thats the nicest thing anyones ever said to me on this forum. Thank you
  9. Who wants to make out with me if he plays and plays 30+ minutes?
  10. Davis would need to play less than 20 mpg to not be a top 5 fantasy player. Im assuming he will play around 30.
  11. Traded Gobert and CJ McCollum for him at 2:30. Was a scary couple hours
  12. Bagley should be pushed up to center. But who knows with the Kings
  13. The allure of the Lakers im assuming. Im sure basketball had some influence but i dont think it was the driving factor
  14. I dont think Lebron chose the Lakers for basketball reasons.
  15. Sent out a Cousins and JJJ offer to the Davis owner before todays game (Im in 6th and it seemed like a solid risk) - think im gonna have to cancel it now