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  1. Reid is playing with Fire here I don’t get it
  2. Not sure why starters are still in for both teams now. Seems silly and risky
  3. I’m with ya on this one lol.
  4. That Bengal fan flippin the bird was epic lol
  5. This has been the case this season, he’s not out there for the two minute drills at the end of the first half. No need to worry
  6. What the hell was that??!! Lol
  7. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    Like your chances against that sad Atlanta D. He might get 20.7 in just the receiving game!
  8. That was my fave run of the year wow!!
  9. Tyreek just so damn fun to watch
  10. What do you need for SNF/MNF?

    Need Hunt to hold up my 6.5 point lead against Julio in my .5 PPR league. Should be interesting! Another huge outing tonight from Hunt would sure make me feel better watching the MNF tomorrow.
  11. Week 7 Injury Thread

    Breida just limped off again
  12. Week 7 Injury Thread

    Breida back in and fumbles on just first carry after returning
  13. Week 7 Injury Thread

    Breida hurt on the Niners first offensive play, not a shock