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  1. Jeffrey no helmet on the sideline he’s not coming back in me thinks
  2. He’s been on the sideline since the first series. Nobody has said anything about it in the broadcast so we have no clue what happened
  3. Eagles beat guy says Alshon on the sideline no helmet on with a towel around his neck. That’s doesn’t sound good
  4. First series yes, sideline ever since
  5. Alshon hurt? Hasn’t been out for this drive
  6. Freeman -11 yards rushing total last two runs, absolutely blown up as soon as he got the ball
  7. Brees out with injured hand/thumb
  8. That looked like a TD for Michel not sure if the replays will show enough of his knees to overturn
  9. Falcons should be able to move the ball with ease through the air at home against the Eagles poor pass defense, so if nothing else hoping Freeman ends up with some touches in the RZ that could result in a TD or two.