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  1. How does my team look?

    Looks fine to me. I think your own analysis was spot on. RB after DJ is a little iffy, but if Mixon explodes this year like many of us hope and Ingram returns from his suspension and returns close to what he produced last year, you have three real solid backs to compliment your already three solid WRs. Kelce at TE is like another WR1 and I think Goodwin is gonna sneak into a lot of people’s lineups sooner than late this year as a weekly WR3/Flex anchor. IF you manage to hit on a semi productive RB on the WW for your bench/bye week fill ins, I think you are in great shape. Best of luck to you this season.
  2. How's this squad? WHIR

    Well done. Very nice lineup and bench depth for a 12 teamer. Have to imagine you have one of the top looking teams in your league after the draft.
  3. Best pick(s) at 12th?

    I think the Gordon/MT combo is a fantastic way to start your draft.
  4. Just drafted what you think?

    For a 14 team league, I think your team looks very solid. Your RB core is going to anchor your squad nicely all year, health permitting. If you are able to get solid contributions from your current stable of WRs or find some gold on the WW, I really like your changes. Best of luck!
  5. Rate my team please

    Solid looking squad. As you mentioned, TE is your glaring weakness, so hopefully Brate does better than expected this year or you are able to address it via trade/ww as the season progresses. RB spot looks pretty good, but hinges a lot on McKinnon's health, which is a bit scary. Duke is solid in PPR formats and Michel could be a nice PPR guy if he can get fully healthy. Keep active on the WW for RBs you can add to your bench to help solidify things there. With some good luck in the health department and some solid WW additions, I like your chances of contending in your league. Best of luck!
  6. Trade For David Johnson

    Keep DJ
  7. Preseason Week 1 Game Thread

    Good news for those targeting CMC but worried about his use in the run game, especially around the GL. He added two catches for 29 yards as well. I am heavily in on him this year.
  8. Kamara and Green for sure
  9. I’ll start it off! You have the 4th pick in the draft, .5ppr, who do you prefer: Zeke or David Johnson (assuming Bell, Gurley and Brown are gone)?
  10. Is this Veto-Able

    Would not veto
  11. Damn that ref ate it hard lol
  12. LMAO I shouldn’t have laughed but I did
  13. 12-17-17 Patriots @ Steelers Gameday Thread

    Wow I cannot believe how that unfolded
  14. 12-17-17 Patriots @ Steelers Gameday Thread

    Are they gonna say he has full possession of it as he hits the ground?