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  1. Interested in the Owls. Please send invite to
  2. If you have an IR and don't mind a down year, Oladipo is a good choice. Love would be better if you can't wait or play in a paying league.
  3. I like Randle and Murray. Don't like the low stocks Harris gets.
  4. I would do that or just keep jokic and trade Lillard for a high pick.
  5. 16 team h2h 8 cat dynasty. Who wins? Wiggins+fultz+Seth Curry+2nd rookie pick next year for Troy brown+Grant Williams+CJ McCollum+Alonzo trier
  6. Isn't this a repeat of New Orleans which didn't work out? I know Lebron is in the mix this time but interested to see how it works.
  7. I have a gut feeling, he will be drafted high but have tons of foul trouble start of season. Might be able to trade for him from frustrated owners. I think Julius Randle plays inside the paint a lot too so they need time to mesh.
  8. I like Ja Morant, Jaxon Hayes, Darius Garland. Jarrett Culver really intrigues me as I feel like they are ready to move on from Andrew Wiggins.
  9. I am holding but I am in a dynasty league. Have to see what Pels are going to do with Davis. I see they hesitate to even pass to AD half the time now. A whole lot of why bother passing to him right now..
  10. Irving just got a knee injury, even though it is not the troublesome one. Let's see if the Celts really will pay to bring AD in if Kyrie can't play in playoffs again. Lol if the Pels win today... what a mess
  11. Yeah the Pels management really screwed it up this time. All because Celts Danny Ainge promised them a better package with no actual commitments of any kind. Looking up the number of playoff Kyrie missed due to surgery, I would say there is a 50% chance he has another knee issue. This could get ugly by year end. Especially if the Pels keep winning.