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  1. Reading your post made me think about that time a Mo Williams became an All Star.
  2. Kidd's and Buck's past trades are catching up to him though. Powell could have been a buck and Ibaka may not have been here if Toronto never traded with the Bucks. They made some good moves this year through the draft and NOT trading Monroe even though they tried so hard to get rid of him. Brandon Knight would have still been better than MCW, who I think is slightly better than Snell (if they only could get MCW to not shoot). Given the history of how they've managed their team, I am uncertain they will take a step forward next year.
  3. Agreed, I rather select whoever the Suns drafts or the pg that ends up in NYK. Chance that the #1 pick is traded to another team though.
  4. I feel like Oladipo should be better than this too because you sometimes see RWB gassed and out of energy. Not that I am blaming RWB but the fact that he needs to exert that energy and minutes for the team to win means 1) nobody is good enough on the team including Dipo to shoulder the load or 2) the team isn't using Dipo (or some other player) enough to help RWB. He has to shoulder some of the load so that RWB can at least go harder in the post season. Nobody is superman or maybe think they are superman.
  5. I would say Dipo is very good but the coaches has to figure out how to use him, especially in OKC next to RWB. When the coaches don't know how to use Dipo, he is pedestrian. We all remember what happen to Dipo in the Scott Skiles era. He went to the bench and people were dropping him like they dropped Jokic/Nurkic this year. He also finished strong that season too. OKC is basically another Skiles situation where they just focus on making RWB better and Dipo is just a defender. OKC should try to be more like POR where they can get more out of both their backcourt players and make the SF the 3/D guy, which they already have in Andre Roberson.
  6. If you take into account in H2H where embiid was hurt for the crucial 1/3 of the final season, I think his 120th adp is justified. So basically this year was horrible for rookies in H2h at least.
  7. What is Isaiah Thomas' draft position next year? Love this guy, from being the last pick on the real life NBA draft (same draft as Irving) to being a star of similar value.
  8. So I guess he will be a starter with starter mins next year? Brodgon, Middleton, Giannis, Thon, Monroe. Snell might leave and Thon seems to have a clear path to minutes for at least first half of the season. Jabari Parker might be out of a job soon sadly.
  9. I don't see an elite Rim protector on the market right now. Maybe the Clips will give up DeAndre if they do blow it up in LAC? Heck they would've done well to trade for Nurkic and took a risk there. I know the Celts are not out of the playoffs yet but down 2 home games is pretty bad for their chances. Rondo being hurt may give them the lead back though.
  10. I think so too, but I'm looking at how they were considering bringing in a secondary scorer like a 32 year old Carmelo and I feel like a scorer option like a 28 year old Griffin will be someone they consider as well. Also, Griffin had very good rebounding numbers before DeAndre played big minutes so he may actually help in that area. Celts probably will consider any NBA star out there after this failed season.
  11. I think Blake might turn out to be another big name target for the Celtics soon. He has been very spotty with healthy these last two years and LAC could be ready to blow it up with this new draft class. This playoff injury is probably the last we will see of the clips for a bit.
  12. If Gobert can come back soon then Utah is going to be in the next round. Right now I'd say it is pretty even, with DeAndre should be able to dominate a lame favors down low.
  13. Turner I definitely keep. I would do Simmons over Embiid because of the injury history. The next time Embiid gets injured, you won't even be able to trade him. You are going to be punting 3's by the end of this though so you have to draft to cover this deficiency. My next 2 are Embiid and Klay.
  14. Depending on what happens this summer, I wouldn't be too sold on Tyler Ulis yet. The Suns are probably moving Bledsoe but they may get a PG in return. They may also draft a PG. I think they are great on the bigman spots so I doubt they will make an add there. I would see what I can get in a Keeper's league for Ulis.
  15. Warriors vs Blazers - I've got GSW in 4 Clipps vs Jazz - I've got LAC in 6 Rockets vs Thunder - I've got Rockets in 6 Spurs vs Grizz - I've got Spurs in 5 Celtics vs Bulls - I've got Celtics in 6 Wiz vs Hawks - I've got Wiz in 6 Raps vs Bucks - I've got Raps in 6 Cavs vs Pacers - I've got Cavs in 6 I think Bucks be out earlier cause they haven't played playoffs before. Cavs vs Pacers is interesting. Lance is back, Teague is playing ok, and Turner is in a great second year. So the biggest change on the Pacer side since their last playoff matchup is that Hibbert is replaced by Turner. Thad Young also in to do defensive work on K Love. I think they will get 2 games at least if they have the desire to win.