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  1. Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

    From Jan 2017 but it is still the same. That's why we were so desperate or Ibaka even though everyone knew he was declining.
  2. Mike Conley 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    He's ad a whole season of rest though. I think he's recovered whatever injuries he might have had and not decline as much as guys that played through injuries as a 30 year old.
  3. I would look at him around 45 just cause Det traded for him and they have to prove he's worth it. In reality I don't trust him much either.
  4. DeMar DeRozan Season Thread 2018-2019

    I think all Popovich can do is better hide DeRozan's defensive flaws with a better defensive scheme. Maybe adding Poelt and his rim protection means DeRozan can risk more on the perimeter, although they were teams already really. I doubt he will get better at age 30 on defense. Maybe on other parts of his game...
  5. Luol Deng 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    ^^ Good for you man.
  6. If you look at Mitchell's Post ASB stats, he had something like 22 ppg 4.1 ast, 4.3 rebs on 43.2% FG 3 TO. That's pretty similar to Booker (with less 3pt more stls) in his rookie year, but not as good as Beal or McCollum who are another level above. Considering Mitchell probably will get better this year and Utah has a whole offseason to figure out what they want to do with him, I am guessing he catches up to Booker at least and will be sniffing at established guys like Beal by year end. Like you said I think right around end of third round is where you want Mitchell, especially with the falloff in SG talent after the early rounds. I'd take him over Booker for the stls because 3pg is much easier to get now.
  7. In his rookie year, we were impressed by his upside. In his second year, we got killed by his downside. Now that he is in Houston, what do you guys think? I am looking at the roster and there aren't too many great bigmen outside of Capela (there are Nene and maybe Melo as a PF, Tucker as PF in small ball) and I am thinking he could crack the roster for at least 20 mins a game. Also thinking that the horrible season in the Suns was due to dysfunction in the culture there last year. Houston will be a win first teams with more veterans to keep him in check. Plus there were some reports about him working out before the trade to get ready for this year. I like him as a sleeper right now and he is the only other rim protector on the team. What do you guys think?
  8. 2018-2019 Breakout Candidates

    The only thing I have to add is now they don't have a playmaker in Orlando? I remember his assists were pretty high when Payton was out.
  9. Brandon Ingram 2018-19 Outlook

    We will see next season. It is a small sample size but the things is corner 3's are a bit closer than top of the key so they should be higher in general. My guess is that he will be much more open this year so I will say it has a good chance to be sustainable.
  10. Brandon Ingram 2018-19 Outlook

    Well he is pretty beast on assisted 3pt %. He made less than 1.0 3pt per game but you have to think this is going to go up when he plays with both Lebron and Ball. This will offset other stats. Oh yea you don't really get fouled taking a 3 so there's a plus there.
  11. Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

    Yeap if there is any year that he is motivated to play well and stay healthy out of the gate, it's this year. I think he will still get a max contract if he doesn't do great but no point in risking it. Kawhi can expand his deal options greatly and take control of his destiny with a career year. It's going to be fun seeing what DeRozan would have been with a 3 pt shot.
  12. 2018-19 Sleepers and Busts

    He's behind Lillard and McCollum and 1 year removed due to injury. It's a long shot to draft him unless you are in a deep league
  13. Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

    Yeah I know it is supposed to be colder here but we have been hit by extreme heat last few years... Global warming for the win. I think shoe deals will be big for him but his personality doesn't sell as well as other superstars. Maybe he needs to be the man in a big market team to get the best shoe deals? So not the Lakers but the Clippers or staying in Toronto is the end game.
  14. 2018-19 Sleepers and Busts

    I don't know I feel like everyone is too negative on him this year. I think I will select him at the right price knowing the risks. Just in the back of my mind that they didn't trade Gasol last year so they will be trying to compete this year at the very least. Will try to sell him if Grizz does well out of the gates
  15. Only Ariza and Jackson really matters