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  1. Yes their contract difference is very intriguing. 1) I think it makes it easier to add Warren into a deal to make it work out. 2) Warren can bring the Suns a lot of value for his salary if they try to see what RFA offers him next offseason. 3) Jackson has more potential to bring defense to the high power starting lineup and not give on offense 4) Warren just to work on the defense but he is one of the best off the ball slashers in the league right now. I only watch some of Jackson's videos and I think he is a slasher too but I am not sure if he is as efficient. I think at the end of the day, Jackson is more expensive and higher Risk/Reward and Warren is a cheaper player.
  2. Sure that is all true. There is no way right now to properly predict which free agent LA could land if they do sign a FA and also if lonzo will have to be in a deal or not. Sure you can evaluate if they get RWB or PG or Lebron or maybe another star but the diversity of options is so great right now, chances are you can't place your drafting bets according to these probabilities. I think you should draft Lonzo based on how talented you think his game is and how well his fantasy stats apply to a diversity of team mates. Factor in the lebron FA era when things are more clear. *just to add when I mention that it is too early I do understand they are going to bring in someone. I just think the who is too early to predict.
  3. The Josh Jackson vs TJ Warren is an interesting one. The Suns could take a chance on the draft pick and have him start off the bat and has great physical potential to make him a great player. People also forget how good TJ Warren was before his mysterious head injury last season and how he finished the season. He literally did everything but just played average defense. The Suns were horrible at defense anyways though so that may be why. Contract wise JJ makes much more than Warren but Warren is on a contract year so it is also hard to gauge what that means for this season.
  4. Do you mean this upcoming season or the season after? I don't think WB or PG13 will be traded. Lebron will only move if he accepts a trade, which would look bad for him in Cleveland. The season after is too far away to tell. It is better to just consider what you briefly referenced to, which is Lonzo's overall game and potential.
  5. Getting way ahead of yourself...
  6. Yeah but then you look at guys like Brandon Ingram who also has no reason to be a such a bad FT shooter. It is very worrisome.
  7. Take that deal and run. They are gunning for playoffs and I don't feel like AD wants to take the blame by sitting down a lot.
  8. As long as you know you will have to replace him with someone else mid season, you should be able to manage drafting this guy.
  9. I think he will have a good year. He was very aggressive vs Team USA a year ago and you really have to suck/old to be on the bench for the Kings. Could be the go to guy on offense because George Hill is kinda passive on offense.
  10. Yeah I am eyeing that right now. However, Bojan Bogdanovic really turned it up in Washington as a 3 pt specialist and is a real threat to eating Glen's mins.
  11. Ok you have to cut KD some slack last season. He was injured by Zaza Pachulia's unstoppable head. It was a freak accident. If you rule last season out he is looking like a lock for 1. I like Giannis more personally though.
  12. Isn't that the same thing? I read some article about how Vogel thinks he can play 2, 3, 4, and maybe 5. Usually thats a good thing but in the magic it sounds like they dont know what they are doing.
  13. It's a smart move on Irving's part, he would be stuck with a garbage team if Lebron left and who knows how long it would take to fix that ship? Better to go to decent team to contend.
  14. I'm betting on him surviving. He should be in the best shape of his career if he is smart for the aforementioned contract year.
  15. I think the 3 PTM and FT% is unrealistic. Otherwise I agree. If I had to bet my life, I would bet on a Ft% of 76%