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  1. I would imagine just some rest for Jackson in a 3 run game. He pitched 7.1 innings in the 10 days going into today.
  2. He has an xBA of .230. There's been flashes before. I'm not convinced and think he looks more like the same dude he's always been. There's better options on the wire in deep 12 teamers.
  3. Mike Trout had a problem with his swing when he first came up too. Lol....
  4. Elias has been the other guy to get the saves though. I'm thinking it's Elias.
  5. Where have you been? Him and Shane Greene are the best closers in the major leagues.
  6. And carrying my garbage fantasy squad
  7. You really can't put too much stock in RP numbers without a big sample size. Guys can turn it around quickly. Jackson really doesn't look that bad.
  8. I can't believe I just added this guy... However, 20 swinging strikes is too tough to ignore. 20 called strikes also. Definitely worrh a shot in most deep bench 12ers and 14+.
  9. Varies. Tulo had hamate injury and didn't miss a beat. Hit for tons of power post injury. Others came back and couldn't get going. Pain tolerance is a major factor from what I understand.
  10. Because it becomes one guy more often than not and many owners don't have the flexibility to spend multiple roster spots speculating on a team's closer.
  11. Seeing comments like this makes me think it's a good time to buy.
  12. How high of a level starter would you be willing to cut to stash? Any starter outside the Top 60?
  13. Has he officially surpassed Kanter in terms of value ROS? With the minutes and decent percentages, I'm beginning to think so....
  14. The next two weeks are tasty. Good luck to everyone that needs him tomorrow night.