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  1. 26pts on 10/10 from the field in the first half against Denver. Dude's smoking
  2. This guy coming back just in time for the playoffs or what? Anyone been watching the Kings and have any insight with what's up?
  3. It really is a wholesome thing to be able to field both Lopez brothers and not feel like I'm throwing.
  4. He's on my team, so I'm biased towards being optimistic-- but I also think he gets burn ROS. The Lakers and the Wolves are the two teams in the west that seem to have pressure put on making the playoffs. Either team could supplant LAC (who doesn't seem to be worrying much about keeping the 8th seed, after that Harris trade). They might not, but I'm betting both teams give it a go.
  5. Yep, I came to the same conclusion as soon as the deadline ended. I built my team around AD and getting pennies on the dollar won't get me anywhere. Might as well not give the championship to someone else if Davis actually ends up beasting.
  6. I try not to punt anything necessarily, but I usually try to be very strong in FG/FT/BLK/TOV every year in H2H, which generally results in punt assists (though this year my assists worked out to be better than my boards since trades). Do pretty well by that. The efficiency cats are lower variance and less affected by differences in games played on the week.
  7. Strong finish though. Dude's gonna take them to the promised land.
  8. Buckle up. Dude just got 5 three's in 8min in the first.
  9. Gentry just confirmed AD's playing in both games pre-ASB.
  10. At least a few inches higher than average-- dude's pretty tall.
  11. Frustration for sure, but got him at a discount. Dude's #5 in 9cat going by averages for the year, and has been damn good pretty much every time he plays. Just hope the Raptors will put value on racing the Bucks for home court advantage through the playoffs.