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  1. Walk, don't run. I've seen this movie - twice before. The Giants DFA'd him six weeks ago. If you're willing to chalk up last year to a lingering concussion, and you have that last roster spot to burn, it may be worth giving Mac one more chance.
  2. Finally some freaking power!!!!!
  3. Haniger is the opposite of consistent. His hot and cold streaks last weeks. Momentum and confidence are everything for him. If you own him in H2H, it's all about weathering the storm. OPS by Month (2018) Mar/Apr: 1.085 May: .658 Jun: .849 Jul: .618 Aug: .964 Sep/Oct: .902 OPS by Month (2017) Mar/Apr: 1.054 Jun: .721 Jul: .512 Aug: .724 Sep/Oct: .987
  4. I'll take Pittsburgh here. Soto / Suarez / Corbin does it for me.
  5. When I think about assessing the long-term value of a 20-year old with tools this loud, the questions I ask myself are not “does he have the capacity for 35 or 45 steals at his peak?” Instead, I’m more concerned about whether he’s shown propensity to tinker with his approach, whether he fades or improves over the course of a season, and the extent to which he’s injury prone. There is nothing that excites me more about Acuna than the fact his 2017 AAA slash line immediately upon promotion (.344/.393/.548 in 54 games as a 19-year old) was higher across the board than his 2017 AA slash line (.326/.374/.520 in 57 games as a 19-year old). Lightning quick learning curve. Plug and play. Last year’s splits – both in output and approach – are obvious further evidence of this: First half: .249/.304/.438 (12:56 BB:K) across 43 games Second half: .322/.403/.625 (33:67 BB:K) across 68 games
  6. Comments from Dave Roberts at Winter Meetings yesterday suggest he will get plenty of ABs at 2B next year. Regaining middle infield eligibility would push him at least a round up my draft board.
  7. Slight discount. He was going mid-late fourth last year in most of my mocks. Lots of projection left. His elbow and hip were both issues for him in 2017 - he hasn't had a healthy year since slashing .308/.365/.512 across 157 games at 22 years old. There's a lot to like in the batted ball profile. Despite relative lack of SS scarcity, he's exactly the type risk I love chasing around the 5th/6th turn, especially if I've gravitated towards high floor guys over the first few rounds. Supposed to be 100% by March - granted, much easier to stomach two surgeries in a mock...
  8. [Edit: Ranking removed so as to not discuss players still on board. Will re-post later in thread.]
  9. 2018 MLB xFIP Leaders (Min 100 IP): 1. Chris Sale (2.31) 2. Jacob deGrom (2.60) 3. Patrick Corbin (2.61) 4. Carlos Carrasco (2.90) 5. Ross Stripling (2.99) 6. James Paxton (3.02) 7. Justin Verlander (3.03) 8. Gerrit Cole (3.04) 9. Max Scherzer (3.06) 10. Corey Kluber (3.08) Opportunity is the only thing holding Chicken Strip back. I will own him everywhere.
  10. All three are between SP 21-30 in each of my leagues, and I think all three will be a couple rounds undervalued coming into next year. PT has set Muncy back.