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  1. Thanks. Would you say trade 1 is a fair trade for the most part, even tho team 1 wins?
  2. In a vacuum, who wins this trade based on the players involved? Standard scoring, 12 team league. Team 1 gives up Gurley and Keenan Allen Team 2 gives up Zeke Also, if you own Cook, would you accept Keenan Allen and David Montgomery for him? Your other RBs are Aaron Jones, Jordan Howard, and Damien Harris. Your WRs are mike Williams, DJ Moore, Christian Kirk, and Moncrief.
  3. Yep - just make sure either Norv Turner or Cam Newton is going up against CMC that week and he won't get any touches.
  4. Cam throws a beauty to CMC for a TD to tie it up. Gay misses the XP. Overtime boys, BOOK IT.
  5. All the talk about how Olsen doesn't look healthy.. Cam looks awful out there. I don't think week 1 was just him brushing off the rust. He looks legit bad... lol
  6. Traded Breida for Godwin last night. I'm a happy man.
  7. Olsen running in slow mo, but faster than Newton's throws. This is funny to watch lol
  8. #13 and Cam won't complete a pass/reception this year.
  9. Cam is definitely going up against CMC this week in fantasy lol
  10. How do we feel about him this week? Saw he was only in on 43% of snaps. Are they easing him in or is this standard for him?