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  1. Everyone on my team scored today except my kicker (even my D!) Word is still out on Hock, but I’m fairly confident he’ll score tomorrow. Already got the W, gonna be nice to watch the game and not stress.
  2. Not looking good for my team so far. Need some balls to go to Godwin and bring in RoJo. Then let’s get CMC going and throw some lobs to Samuel.
  3. Yep, the only reason I'm holding is cause no one wants him in my league. I've tried multiple packages to people with underachieving/injured rosters and still, no one would bite.
  4. He is 😂 This mans a damn fool. Get him outta here.
  5. Safe play and volume, go with hilliman then.
  6. Yeah I would drop Minshew.
  7. Yah I would shoot. I wouldn’t aim for anything higher than a 3rd round tho .
  8. I’d go with hilliman if DJ is healthy.
  9. Gallup and Diggs for me
  10. I wanna day Keenum. However, I’m a bit nervous as I think they may run all day and try to re establish their offense.
  11. Edmonds if DJ is out. Otherwise, roll with Boyd.
  12. You’ll be in his position with that trade. You don’t have the RB depth to make that a solid trade for you.
  13. Thanks for the help. I like engram and Tate.
  14. I got offered Hill in a trade. are there any concerns with his injury? Didn’t realize it was a break in his clavicle. I thought it was just a dislocation lmao. How long do you think this’ll sideline him (plus a gimpy mahomes) and what are the chances broken clavicles break again? I feel like I see lots of players re break it often?
  15. You’re basically getting Breida for free. Do it.
  16. Diggs since he’s a bench player. You have startable WRs so why not stash for upside. We know what we’re getting with juju.