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  1. FRESH. LEGS. CJA ABOUT TO GO 32/180/3. Book it.
  2. I lost my match up. But I want to visit this thread to cheer myself up. Happy for everyone who made it. Btw, f--- YOU MILLER.
  3. Yah. Can’t blame Samuel entirely man. He just never got any looks. And when he did, Cams noodle arm fizzled into thin air like Thanos just touched him.
  4. I hope JJ Natson and DJ Moore have to poop themselves at their wedding, if they aren’t married already. Lost by 5 and Lamar Miller in my flex definitely did not help. Ugh. #1 seed, outscored the #2 team by 100 with an 11-2 record. Came crashing down against the #5 seed.
  5. Mayo. I will never use this condiment again. Almost topped my anger that I had for Natson last night. Smh. Do your job.
  6. Panthers are gonna 3 and out rest of the game. Farewell fantasy season.
  7. Down by 13 In standard with my CMC and Curtis Samuel against his Ingram and Lutz. What are the chances I somehow pull out a Monday night miracle?
  9. He hasn’t had a run since he go hurt and now blue is in. Ugh
  10. It low key looked like the 2 picks he threw were due to the wind. Coulda also had a long TD to Williams early in the first half IIRC but he had to turn back to get it. Or was it Benjamin?
  11. The night started terrible with my Rivers and Butker. Ended up much better than I thought, but still feel so iffy.