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  1. That really isn't the problem at all. New England attempts the 6th most passes per game this year and Brady has only thrown under 36 times once this year. Game script has nothing to do with Gordon's lack of production. A 55% catch rate and Brady's declined arm strength and inability to throw the deep ball has alot to do with it. Gordon averages 2.6 yards of separation which isn't good when paired up with a QB who doesn't have arm strength. Brady is happy to throw short/intermediate routes all day, that's what this offense is built around. Believe it, if Brady could hit Gordon deep, it doesn't matter what the score was or what quarter it was, he'd do it. The patriots are not bashful at all about putting up points, ever. Gordon just isn't a good fit for this offense.
  2. To be specific to the most recent history, Bradberry should be matched up with him today for the most part. Bradberry matched up with him week 2 for his 4/61/0, and also last year for his 4/48/0 and 1/16/0 stinker. The defensive philosophy hasn't changed in Carolina, it should be more the same. But even without that, sometimes certain teams just have someone's number, especially division rivals. It may be that they consistently game plan against them, it may be that the player just gets nervous in certain situations against certain teams, who knows. Tom Brady is 8-10 in his career in Miami, spanning 18 seasons against competently different rosters. An anomaly but a proven statistic. Probably the best example I can think of in regards.
  3. I'm not sure they'd get a big enough haul to make it worth it. They have a 1st rounder invested in him and he's probably still worth that to Tampa. They know he's a good player and things can change in an instant. If Ariens makes a quick exit out of Tampa (a very theoretical if), the next regime can go back to making him a focal point. And there's still really no reason for them to give up on him now because he's performing up to par for Ariens system, minus his blocking struggles. From other team's perspectives, I'm not sure they'd offer 1st round+ value for him. He's landed on the IR the last few seasons so there's injury concern. His blocking, although he's graded solid previously, is grading terrible now. I'm a believer in the Howard hype, but midseason trading for a young TE who's having trouble blocking and will have to learn a whole new system doesn't seem probable. I'd be more inclined to believe they discuss something in the off-season.
  4. FTFY. Joking of course 😁. 8 targets for 4/61/0 week 2 against Carolina. Evans hasn't scored a TD against Carolina since 2016, and only has one 100 yard game against them in his career. If you have the WR depth behind him, it's not implausible to sit him. Of course it's a London game, which means anything could happen.
  5. Why would they trade him now? They have him at less than 2 million a year through 2020 and a club option in 2021. He's highly talented and cheap, even if they don't fully utilize him. He's an asset, despite what the numbers say. Even on this team he still possesses intangible benefits, such as demanding at least some coverage attention. And he's a plus blocker, despite his strange struggles this year. He himself hasn't expressed the slightest bit of displeasure with his situation in the real world. It's simply people in fantasy who are angry that his statistics are disappointing, so they assume the player must be angry and disappointed as well. The media plays on these emotions and starts with the what ifs. What ifs turn into "rumors" and all the sudden people get worked up. Meanwhile, there's a strong possibility the thought hasn't even crossed the Bucs front office's minds to trade him. Remember, in season trades in the NFL are rare, especially a position like TE, where learning a whole new system mid-season is no small task.
  6. There comes a point where you have to say it's not a fluke anymore, it's reality. Jacksonville's passing game has the right ability and right situation to sustain his production. They are 14th in pass attempts per game and 10th in yards per game. Nothing stellar, but in the top half no doubt. Their defense isn't hard to score on and keeps them from run dominant game scripts (60/40% pass/run). Their offensive plays per game have gone up and they ran the 7th most plays per game the last 3 weeks. The talent itself is also there. He can beat corners 1 on 1 and Minshew trusts him. Westbrook's reemergence should help take attention away and the better Fournette runs, the less teams can focus on the pass. The O'Shaunnessy injury is also a sneaky boosts to his stock, as O'Shaunnessy is the only jaguar with more looks inside the 20 than Chark. I'm buying ROS.
  7. Hopefully it's a short lived absence. Gurley hasn't been stellar thus far and hasn't been moving with the same agility as last year, but he's pretty much performing like we thought in fantasy, a very solid RB2. One of the most important things is the TDs are still there. We always knew his workload would be scaled back, and his yardage would decline. But he's still averaging 15 touches a game. It's hard to believe he won't be getting that every time he steps on the field. And he's been averaging 15 ppg (ppr) on those touches. The injury is key here (captain obvious), if he's healthy enough to roll week 7, then his value and his status as an RB2 is safe. He's the second highest paid RB in the NFL, they have to get their use out of him.
  8. When was your draft, July of 2018? He shouldn't have seen the 16th round of any draft this summer. Good for you for making your league pay for sleeping on him that badly.
  9. There's absolutely nothing that suggests that Howard's usage will change at any point this season nor is there anything suggesting that Arians will magically utilize the full potential of his TE for the first time in his coaching career. If you're considering dropping him, you may as well do it now. He will be in the exact same situation 10 weeks from now.
  10. Pick the right players and you can make any strategy work. Simple as that.
  11. Stop in guys, say your condolences, pay your respects, and leave a rose on the casket. His 2019 season is dead.
  12. Meh, he pretty much had that same exact scenario last Sunday against a lesser defense, and only had 5 targets and 4 useless carries. In 2 1/2 quarters of footfall with Haskins (trailing by 14 at halftime) he had 3 targets, which doesn't really exude excitement. The targets were all in the 4th quarter which could be taken as a sign that it just took a little time for Haskins to discover his safety valve. Against NE though, this game could be so ugly for Washington that no one produces on offense, not even in PPR. Their offense could very well be held to under 150 yds total. Especially if they keep beating the dead horse that is Adrian Peterson.
  13. It's not just what they've done in the season so far but also their potential moving forward. Kittle has topped 50 yds every game so far, and averages 7 targets a game (4 total targets inside the 20 in 3 games). That's a solid number of targets for a TE. Ertz has also topped 50 yds every game and has averaged a whopping 9.5 targets a game (6 total targets inside the 20), with a team that has a depleted WR corps and will need to continue leaning heavily on him. Howard - 3 targets a game, topped 50 yds once, has been out-targeted by fellow TE Cam Brate 3 to 2 inside the 20 (and that's not counting the TDs Brate had wiped away by penalty), and has zero looks inside the 10. This all from a guy who's bread and butter is yardage and TDs, because we knew his reception volume would be lower than other elite TEs. And the most damaging fact, he has a head coach who never has and never will fully utilize his TEs in the passing game. I fell for it too and drafted him in a few leagues, I'm sensible enough to admit my mistake and cut my losses.
  14. 27 targets for 14 catches. ~51% catch rate. He's 25th in the NFL right now with 15.8 ypc which is still impressive. But others around that mark have been more efficient. To put it in perspective, Marquise Brown, who has a QB that could overthrow a giraffe, is 18 rec. for 34 tgts and a 16.9 ypc, a ~52% catch rate and were nervous about him as our WR3. So what does that say about Gordon? QBs or skills aside, it's time to start looking at numbers. 4, 5, and 7 are his target share with Edelman in the lineup. His 11 target game is skewed because he received 7 of those targets when Edelman was injured. Lower than desired target share, low efficiency thus far, only 1 TD, a 42 year old QB who's arm has predictably declined over the years. He's in the land of too many negatives. He won't see my lineup again, until he starts showing he deserves it, regardless of matchups.
  15. Gallman owners should sell, sell, sell if he produces this week. After this week he has Minnesota, New England, and Arizona who held Kerryon, Ingram, and (outside of a 76 yd TD run) McCaffrey to under 4.0 ypc. Barkley was targeted 5 times in one half by Jones. Gallman was targeted zero times in the 2nd half by Jones; which pass catching is suppose to be one of Gallman's strengths. It seems more likely to me that they don't trust Gallman's talent and will opt to simply phase out the RB position in Barkley's absence. Pedestrian runner behind a pedestrian O-line who may or may not be involved in the passing game, and may have goal line opportunities poached by his QB. IMO, no thanks.