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  1. DJ Moore fumble cost me my season and guaranteed money. Worst part is, he wasn't on my team, opponent had NO Defence. Had Samuel going, needed only 1.6 points in .5 ppr. Think that one low pass by Cam to him at the end would've won it for me.
  2. Does the McCarthy firing change his outlook? Green Bay has a decent playoff schedule.
  3. Need Goff, Gurley and Hill to outscore Hunt by 27 points in .5 ppr. I hate Diggs right now for making this ‘close’. The game tomorrow better be as advertised, all offense.
  4. A lot of talk about owning handcuffs of elite players this late in the season. Wouldn’t this kid be the ultimate one? He’s the #2 WR, so already on the field often. If any one MT, Kamara or Ingram go down, you gotta think he will be utilized more.
  5. Do you have a tight end spot? Or can TE only be flexed. If you can only play one of Kelce/Gronk weekly, then I wouldn't do it. but if you can flex one of them, I couldn't resist it.
  6. Currently in a three-way tie for first at 6-3. There are five teams at 5-4. It's a half PPR, two keeper league. Been thinking Tyreek would be a nice 3rd round keeper, but this seems to good to pass up. WRs (Start Three, we also have 2 flex spots): Tyreek Hill, Amari Cooper, Corey Davis, Tre'Quan Smith, Maurice Harris, Jamison Crowder, John Ross and AJ Green (IR) Would this be a wise trade to make one-for-one. Odell would have a second round keeper tag next season, so I can essentially have Gurley and Odell as my keepers if I make this deal. I just hate to lose a piece of that KC historic offense. Though, maybe Ross can turn into Tyreek-lite if Green does or doesn't comeback. Also, benefits me since Odell no longer has a bye, and Tyreek still has a Week 12 bye.
  7. I felt things were aligning perfectly for him to be a top TE this year due to Rudolph's previous success, having Thielen and Diggs to open up the middle, and Cousins' connection with Reed/Davis in WSH. Also, DeFillipo was OC with CLE when Barnidge blew up and came to MIN from a TE heavy system in PHI. I guess Thielen's magic season, and Rudolph being a JAG are a huge factor.
  8. So Cook is the better target? I honestly can't decide. Cook obviously has forged more chemistry with Carr, and is a safety blanket for him, but Martavis' style doesn't really need to have great chemistry with a QB. He's not a route runner, as much as he is a lengthy, deep threat. Steelers also used to manufacturer sweeps for him, so I could see Gruden possibly doing the same. Both are pretty clearly boom/bust players.
  9. Leshoure missed all of 2011 with the Lions due to an August achilles injury. In 2012, he was a low-end RB2. Obviously he fell off the map afterwards, but I don't think it will be impossible for a player like Foreman to comeback from it successfully. Odds are against him, but it could happen.
  10. I think he's worth a flier. I'm debating between him and Cook as the player to own in the passing game.
  11. I think he was hurt, hence the Jones TD and Rodgers in at the end of the game. So, if he didn't have a TD called back, and doesn't get hurt, it was potentially a two TD game. He's a hold for sure. See how limited he is this week in practice.
  12. This guy going to be startable Thursday? Had a big workload yesterday, so I think it could be a little more split this week between Miller and Blue. Not sure if I want to start, but would hate to leave another double digit performance on the bench. I guess Watson is still banged up, so they may keep it on the ground to protect him. Miami would also be the 'revenge' game angle, and they did get thrashed by Kerryon and Blount yesterday.
  13. Bad fantasy day, and the ankle injury didn't help, but this guy is more talented than his numbers have shown. I think he's a hold. Maybe a league winner? Tampa is putting the ball in Jameis' hands too much, and it's having an effect on games. His decisions are costly, even in games they are leading. This is a game that shouldn't have gone to OT if Winston made smarter decisions. Maybe Tampa will learn to chew the clock more by running the ball when they have a lead. However, the offensive line isn't helping much, as seen in those clips.
  14. Currently 4-3, which is good enough for fifth place in a ten teamer. Only four teams will makes playoffs. It's .5ppr, and 5pt Pass TD. QB (Start One): Matt Ryan and Jared Goff RB (Start Two): Todd Gurley, Lamar Miller, Kerryon Johnson, Marlon Mack, Nyheim Hines, Peyton Barber, Derrick Henry, D'onta Foreman (IR) WR (Start Three): AJ Green, Tyreek Hill, Amari Cooper, Corey Davis, Tre'Quan Smith, and Antonio Callaway TE (Start One): Vance McDonald and Kyle Rudolph Flex RB/WR/TE (Start Two): pick from above D/ST: Bears Is this roster missing anything? Pretty satisfied with it after the performances by the RBs today. Cooper and Davis obviously the biggest busts/enigmas here. Hoping to plug one in alternating weeks based on matchup. That is unless they show more. Dropped Lynch for Henry before today, but may do something to IR Lynch once he's eligible, unless it's season ending. As for WR, not sure if someone like Sutton or Gallup are more promising than Callaway. Browns maybe start to shake things up. Maybe Sutton if Denver moves on from DT or Eman. Overall, anything that looks like it needs to be addressed desperately?