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  1. Waivers win leagues being one week ahead of the curve, alot of people lose because they are afraid to make moves. A lot of the bad teams every year in my big money league don't make any changes they play the people they draft.
  2. He is on the sideline warming up with a trainer he was moving side to side.
  3. Only if Hopkins does play then he could see some targets
  4. Rams won't have to throw much, I would not expect much out of Everett
  5. Desperation WRS James Washington or Eli Rogers because JUJU might not play. I m not sure which one if anyone has any insight.
  6. I would add eli Rodgers instead he looked good last week and he plays the slot that is juju insurance
  7. Mr fairbairn if you are reading this, thank you for your 21 point week I would not have won without it you are my fantasy kicking hero. Oh ps I need 1 more week like that
  8. He has no injury, hes played 98% of snaps on the year he deserves a day off from practice
  9. Ya can't play him he hasn't had a good game in weeks, matchups don't matter anymore GB offense stinks and now they have no Aaron Jones, one hit , and why should he play, he has groin and knee issues both are bad.
  10. Not concerned if you watched Cam Newton the last few weeks any QB not named Peterman is an upgrade. CMC might even play QB some more.
  11. My team is cmc hill and Hopkins my opponent has davante Adams mahomes kelce
  12. CMC was my RB1, my QB1 (outscored DAK) and my WR2 (outscored Hill). Thanks for the championship appearance.
  13. Agreed this good be like Daks performance this week, Allen might have some trouble Patriots defense is not very good but how can they play bad again.
  14. Complete failure this week not sure how many people who own dak will be in a meaningful game next week but he does have a great matchup. Luckily I faced Goff who sucked too and will choose between dak and allen
  15. Can't play him injury to a foot with a worthless game for the 49ers is no good