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  1. Carmelo Anthony 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I still remember my very first serious fantasy year. 2014 or 2015, I grabbed him #6th pick overall, that was his ADP back then. That's the year he fell in the rankings. Did not produce even round 3 value. Still in my IL now in 16-teamer, won't pick up in my 12-teamer.
  2. AD for EMBIID + LOWRY? WHIR!!!

    don't touch lowry
  3. Dipo for Murray+LMA - WHIR!

    I didn't pull the trigger on this. The Dipo owner send offer to another manager who accepted it. Oladipo+Jaylen Brown = Bradley Beal+Gary Harris
  4. Dipo for Murray+LMA - WHIR!

    bump thanks
  5. Keep Whiteside possible second rounder. With the Kings winning with Bjelica on the floor, I doubt Bogdanovic eats a lot of his minutes.
  6. Same as above. Tobias+Parker = Lowry. Trying to rebalance by adding Ayton? LOL -- I think Ayton = Lowry would pass by on some league.
  7. Big trade help! Whir

    Kat Booker side. -- Dipo buy low.
  8. Which side here? Whir

    Who would the Westbrook side drop? ROS I like Kyrie side better. Help?
  9. Dipo = Buy Low & Gobert = 'Sell High' -- right now. Though I don't think Gobert would have any change in production in UTA, as they are winning games. Fair trade.
  10. Dipo for Murray+LMA - WHIR!

    I am getting Dipo in this trade. Releasing Murray+Aldridge --- It was a counter offer. My initial offer was --- Murray+Hayward --- I mentioned to counter my offer
  11. 9-Cat. H2H. 12-Team Victor Oladipo+Cody Zeller for Jamal Murray+LaMarcus Aldridge I think right now Murray and Dipo are producing similar value. But can Murray sustain it ROS?
  12. "The Boston Celtics will NOT agree to a contact extension with guard Terry Rozier making him a free-agent in 2019." - NBA Buzz How will this affect his playing time?
  13. Terry Rozier 2017/2018 Outlook

    Ugh. Didn't notice this was 2017/18.