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  1. 12-team 9-cat, I am in a tight match-up. Dropping for PJ Tucker, best player who has 3 games left for the week. Better to make the finals than not at all (2nd Place Prize).
  2. Kevin Durant 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    If you don't have IL and in a tight match up, In redraft leagues, don't hesitate to drop. What is the use of KD near the end if you get knocked of the championship race this early. Unless you have money prize for 5th - 8th place.
  3. Tyler Dorsey 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    The hawks are playing 3 games this week T, TH and SAT. All crowded game days. I don't know how is that nice. I did pickup Dorsey, dropped Smart. 14 team.
  4. Giannis Antetokounmpo said he twisted his ankle pretty badly on Thursday. He was having trouble putting weight on it after the game and had a limp. The Bucks are almost certainly going to be missing Malcolm Brogdon (quad tendon), but they will get Jabari Parker (knee) back and hopefully Eric Bledsoe (ankle) will be OK. This stings even worse because the Bucks were down big late.
  5. Trey Burke 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Nah, probably just garbage time. Knicks were trailing all the way.
  6. Kawhi Leonard 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Kawhi Leonard (quad) is rumored to want out of San Antonio. Jalen Rose said that his sources have been telling him that Leonard has been upset with the Spurs inability to bring in "elite-level talent" during free agency (LaMarcus Aldridge?) and that there's a belief out there that players don't want to play for Gregg Popovich, because Popovich requires you to work hard or something. There does appear to be tension brewing between Leonard and the Spurs, but we're skeptical of Rose's assertion that he wants to be traded. Remember, Aldridge was at an impasse with Spurs' management this summer, but they managed to work things out.
  7. O'Quinn and Porzingis are both out. tonight. Speculative add?
  8. Myles Turner 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I thought I just saw a roto headline saying exactly that. It's not there anymore, they deleted it? EDIT: NVM, it is back now.
  9. Someone dropped Dunn in a 16-teamer. WHIR

    It's concussion protocol, it can be tomorrow or the next month. With an early return will be more likely. It doesn't matter when he returns as you would still be number 1 then. Milos is your best drop. #1 and #2 may make a claim.
  10. Thanks for the help. I added Prince, and the Ball owner accepted. DeMarre Carroll + Justin Holiday + Taurean Prince = Lonzo Ball + Jeff Green + Dwight Powell
  11. MIL office must have read this post of yours and decided, "We will not be fooled anymore!" lol
  12. Yeah, that won't probably get through. Even if owner accepts, our league is notorious for Vetoing every trade they think is just a little bit unfair. So I wanted to make this trade as fair/balance without losing too. Thanks for your input.
  13. 14-team 9-cat H2H. Lonzo owner wants him traded as he is fighting for a playoff spot. With Lonzo's current knee injury (MRI Knee Sprain Detected). I am willing to take the risk as I am number 1 in the standings. The Lonzo owner wanted Fults+2 Ok Player inexchange for Ball+2 bad players I am thinking Justing Holiday+Demarre Carroll+Fultz = D.Powell+Jeff Green+Lonzo ball? Am I giving too much? Justin Holiday is steady holding Top 60+ - And DeMarre is balling great his past 6 games. I also have J.Lamb, Nance Jr. Biyombo, Favors, Taurean Prince which I can include in the trade. Thanks!
  14. Jeremy Lamb 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I am probably dropping depending on this game. 14-team, had him since day 1. Someone dropped Crabbe maybe because DLO is coming. Lambs mins/usage getting lower and lower. right now it's the end of the 3rd qtr and he has only played 12 mins. Good luck to those who are holding.