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  1. I added the 3 Centers of HOU as handcuff for Capela. My team was bad enough to have 3 streamer spots in a 16-team league. Didn't expect not even one of them would have a good enough stat line. Dang! Just wasted 3/5 Adds in the first day of the Week.
  2. PG: K. Walker, J. Murray, K. Dunn SG: J. Butler, E. Gordon, J. Holiday (CHI) SF: G. Hayward, J. Ingles, R. Gay PF: P. Siakam, J. Parker, M. Williams (CHA) C: A. Davis, J. Randle Dunn is still in IL. I was killing it in REBs by a wide margin. Last week I traded Sabonis for J Ingles. Now, LMA+Conley to Kemba+E.Gordon. I may drop Jabari to activate Dunn. Will try to trade Murray/Holiday/Gordong for a Reb/Blk guy.
  3. 12-team H2H 9-Cat Recently traded my LMA and Conley for Kemba and Egordon. I wanted to ship away Conley due not so good PO Sched. I lost a lot in Rebs/Blks. Bad Trade?
  4. 3 for 3 - PG13 for Butler - WHIR!

    Bump. WHIR! Thanks!
  5. 12-Team, H2H, 9-Cat Looking to unload Jimmy and Conley for their not so good PO Sched. Also looking to free up 1 stream spot. Jimmy Butler + Mike Conley + Jabari Parker for Paul George + Danilo Gallinari + DJ Augustin (Streamer) For My side, I can change Jabari to: Rudy Gay Justin Holiday For the otherside, I can change Gallinari for: Kuzma Lou Will My league is notorious for Vetoing trades. Please let me know the best possible combination it will not get veto'ed. Thanks!
  6. Trade help WHIR

    Thanks for your help. Very similar situation to mine. If it's a bigger league 14+ I think you can exchange Jabari+Justin with people like Bojan (IND), Aminu, Gay... People who are playing at rank 60-80 with 100+ adp. 12 or less, highly unlikely that people would gamble on this, as they would lose a stream spot. That's why on my trade I am trying to add Conley for a 3 for 3.
  7. 12Team H2H 9-Cat w/ IL Mike Conley Justin Holiday Jabari Parker for Love Hield Trier (Other Guy's Streamer) Love owner has Elfrid and Millsap. He's at the bottom of the standings. Will the Love owner Accept?
  8. Chicago Bulls ROS

    Hope the new coach don't mess with ma boy Justin. Got him in 3 leagues.
  9. Victor Oladipo 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    buy low with a round 4/5 guy?
  10. I traded Sabonis for Ingles. Needed 3s and Stls. Past 2 weeks I was winning with a large gap in REBs and losing a little bit in 3s.
  11. Domantas Sabonis or Joe Ingles?

    Man you were late. I accepted the Deal. Giving up Sabonis for Ingles. Team and League: 12-team | H2H | 9-Cat | Yahoo PG: J. Murray, M. Conley, T. Burke (Streamer) SG: J. Butler, Justin Holiday SF: G. Hayward, R. Gay, J. Ingles (Newly Acquired) PF: J. Randle. J. Parker, P. Siakam C: A. Davis, L. Aldridge IL: K. Dunn Past 2 weeks I was winning with a large gap in REBs and losing a little bit in 3s. I just hope that Jingles keep his mid-round value consistently. Sabonis was a lot of fun to own!
  12. Effects of League Size

    In smaller leagues, always best to get 2 for 1 trade. As you would be freeing up a spot for a streamer/waiver/FA pick up. On smaller leagues theres a lot more talent in FA pool. I play 3 leagues: 12-Team 13 roster 1IL 14-Team 15 roster 2IL 16-team 13 roster 1IL Haven't played in a 10-team or lower for a couple of years now. I like a mix of both.
  13. Domantas Sabonis or Joe Ingles?

    Need a tie breaker here. 2 votes for Sabonis - 2 votes for Ingles.
  14. Pick up Justin Holiday whir

    Love Justin Holiday. Have him in all 3 of my $ Leagues. Looking at your team, there isn't a solid drop for him, considering what would happen if Bulls are completely healthy. Though personally I am optimistic. As the previous post. I have the same suggestion, Drop Wes Matt+Lonzo for Justin.
  15. AG+Dunn for Tobias? WHIR

    I doubt that Tobias owner would accept. Help?