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  1. I'm in a 10 team non-ppr league. Is Gio Bernard or Keelan Cole worth burning a #1 waiver on? This is a continual rolling basis waiver, so I keep the #1 spot every week until I use it. I'm pretty set at RB (Hunt, L. Miller, Lynch, Hyde), and Gio Bernard is only useful for a few weeks until Mixon comes back. Is Keelan Cole the real deal ROS?
  2. 9/16/2018 Browns vs Saints Game Day Thread

    Antonio Callaway is looking strong
  3. 9/16/2018 Browns vs Saints Game Day Thread

    It was really bad. Watson was completely wide open without a soul near him and Brees just overthrew it.
  4. 9/16/2018 Browns vs Saints Game Day Thread

    This game is a black hole for fantasy points
  5. 9/16/2018 Browns vs Saints Game Day Thread

    Ginn wide open for a bomb TD and Brees underthrows
  6. 9/16/2018 Browns vs Saints Game Day Thread

    Kamara TD called back for holding
  7. Quincy Enunwa 2018 Outlook

    He put up 58/857/4 while being the #2 option for most of the year with Fitzpatrick throwing him the ball. I might make a preemptive add and pick him up in a few leagues where I need some WR depth. If he flashes in week 1, it might be too late to get him after that. This dude has mad talent.
  8. Nick Chubb 2018 Outlook

    I watched the Browns game last night and Chubb looked like a complete, total plodder. He was slow and had no burst. The twitter video above gives an accurate idea of his speed. It looks like he runs with a pair of 20lb iron boots attached to each foot. Chubb had a very Matt Asiata-like stat line: 15 carries, 11 yards, 0 TD's. Very ploddy. The lone bright spot was he had one catch for 12 yards.

    Christine Michael wins the starting job in Indy and finishes as a top 5 RB in fantasy.
  10. Antonio Gates won't be re-signing with the Chargers. Hunter Henry should be a lock for a top 10 TE this year, with a high ceiling if used correctly. He finished #12 in standard last year and #14 in PPR. Other than Gronk and Kelce, I'd put Henry right up there in terms of potential with Engram/Olsen/Ertz/Graham. This should be Henry's breakout year with Gates gone....I'm just praying the hype train doesn't push Henry too high in drafts come August/September. "The Los Angeles Chargers informed tight end Antonio Gates this offseason they do not plan to re-sign him, a league source told ESPN's Adam Schefter on Friday."
  11. 12/10/17 - Packers @ Browns

    Gordon toasted that CB on the play. He had like 10 steps on the guy
  12. 12/10/17 - Packers @ Browns

    I'll take 3/69/1 for a first half stat line. But I expect better the second half. I want 7/205/3.
  13. 12/10/17 - Packers @ Browns

    As if the Browns don't have a hard enough time winning, the refs have really been screwing them all game.
  14. 12/10/17 - Packers @ Browns

    50 yard bomb to Gordon broken up by the Packers. Obvious pass interference but no called
  15. 12/10/17 - Packers @ Browns

    Browns with a well designed play to Duke Johnson for the TD