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  1. Avoid Miami players. Avoid Atlanta players not names Young or Collins. Avoid drafting players based on their play-off schedules.
  2. Ah. That totally explains the abhorrent shooting and amazing assist/to numbers for the entire game.
  3. And this is the week Reggie has chosen to choke on a bag of dicks...
  4. Then there is an absolute 0% chance Boston get Davis.
  5. Lol. No one is trading for Hayward. That offer is typical Ainge (or Celtics' fan ) offer. Boston can't trade for AD because they already have Irving with the Rose Designation. They sure as hell aren't getting him unless Tatum and their best owed picks are in the mix.
  6. Should have sold high (before the season started).
  7. At what point does a slump become the mean and not the outlier?
  8. Gentry is proving to be a bottom rung coach who would probably get out-coached by someone in the Cambodian Midget League if they had a half decent team (instead of just half a team). Yes, Randle puts up good numbers, but from a basketball perspective he couldn't defend against a quadriplegic. It's truly bizarre. Mirotic starts and kills it. Mirotic plays on the bench with absolute crap players and suddenly can't do much - it's almost as if the caliber of play and spacing provided by the starters helps him get open looks and enables him to do more. It is not rocket science.
  9. Just rolled his ankle. Hopefully not too bad.
  10. I'd imagine quite a bit - they won't be playing for anything other that a nice pick. Also wonder what kind of number this does on the kid's psyche - will he play with the same aggression?
  11. That is more an indictment as to how badly Canaan sucks at basketball than it is the coach.
  12. The Suns NEED a point guard. Booker is a travesty and coughs up more balls than Madonna back in her heyday. Booker needs someone to facilitate the offense - he simply can't do it efficiently, nor effectively.
  13. It's weird. It's almost as if there is no one playing point who can set up the players in Orlando...