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  1. 16 minutes ago, apatas said:

    The most questionable is a fact that Markelle Fultz has so far proved nothing. We can't expect that he is a man who can take Orlando to the next level. We don't even know is he better than Augustin or not. Give me some proof!

    Much like every rookie, but people still draft them.

    I have no issue taking a flier on Fultz in one of the last few rounds as players in that range get dropped all the time for whatever is sexy on the wire anyways.

  2. Kevin Knox.  What a polarizing prospect - not even Knicks fans can agree on the kid. For dynasty it seems 50% of people think bust and the other 50% think Tobias Harris.

    For this season I expect him to be splitting minutes with Marcus Morris until January when the Lakers come calling as their season plummets in to disarray. 

    Personally I'm torn on the guy - he has such a beautiful shooting stroke and does things sometimes with a fluidity that shocks.  Other times, he looks lost, slow and wooden.  Something to consider, he was late to basketball and could possibly follow a Siakam lite type growth.  His defensive awareness and overall feel for the game seem lacking.

    Really curious what you guys think - I expect less minutes but more efficiency as he won't have a license to shoot with impunity, nor will he be counted on to lead the offense.  Seems to have put on a decent chunk of muscle so hopefully he finishes better through contact.  He has just turned 20.

    Might he be someone to put on the sleeper list along with other Sophomores like Troy Brown, Jr, Anfernee Simons and Robert Williams?

  3. 1 hour ago, n3gative said:

    Zion, Ja, Garland for my top 3 rookies this year for fantasy.

    Clarke, Hunter, Rui next group

    Zion will be the only one to finish in the top 100 from the rookie class this season.



    This.  I don't care for Hunter myself.  He strikes me as a better real life bball player than a fantasy player.  Lack of stocks in college for a defensive beast bothers me.

    I have Zion, Morant and Garland with Barrett right there as tops.  After them, Rui and Culver.

    Dynasty i like Hayes and Smailagic.

  4. 1 hour ago, Tom Chambers said:

    You can't go two seconds into a Collins conversation without someone pointing out that Collins got like two steals for all of 2018, and that's super unlikely to happen again. So I guess I'll be that guy. 

    Meanwhile Randle is more consistent in his inability to get stocks. 

    I don't buy that.  Randle's best season was last year and he only produced 1.3 stocks in 30 minutes a game.  Where as Collins wasn't far off that and has far more room to improve that part of his game imo.  Then again, i think if you're getting Randle for his stocks you're destined to do very poorly this season...  and probably every season.  Randle's T/O's scare me.

  5. 1 minute ago, michael_scott said:

    Brown should be back soon enough and still be the favourite to start. Speaking of dynasty sleepers - Lonnie Walker anyone? He outperformed Simons in SL fantasywise. As Gobert owner in dynasty I'm also very much intrigued by a guy named Tony Bradley - any ideas about this guy?

    Another Washington player to throw out there as a sleeper - Isaac Bonga.  The team isn't winning squat so i expect he'll get minutes.

    Lonnie Walker is nice, but he's stuck behind Derozan who usually plays a ton of minutes and is typically quite durable. As for Tony Brandley - I think Ed Davis might be the big man sleeper play in Utah.  I swear Davis has been underrated his entire career.

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  6. 1 hour ago, johnval1362 said:

    I don't doubt his per game production and can see 7 ast per game, but he's one of the most injury prone guys out there. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see him play only 45 games or less. Wolves have almost zero shot at making playoffs as well. If you screw up early in your draft and need assists, maybe you can take a chance on him staying healthy to bail you out but hes up there with Booker Gallinari Whiteside that I wouldn't even consider unless they're light years beyond their ADP. 

    What an odd take.

    "Injury prone" hardly fits the bill.  Prior to last year's misfortune he averaged 77 games over the previous 6 seasons.  For me, injury prone would be someone like Gary Harris or Kawhi Leonard or TJ Warren.

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  7. 11 hours ago, jay_00 said:

    Really deep sleeper pick no ones talking about is Alex Len. Before anyone laughs (i know he finished like 200 overall), the guy is finally starting with Dedmon gone. He also outta nowhere added a 3 pt shot to his game, and over last month of season he was draining 2 per game. His low rebs and sub par ft% is whats dragging him down. If he can carve out 25 mins per game tho (decent shot at that) he could post 13/6.5/1 blk/1.5 threes a game with 50 fg%. If he bounces his ft% back to the 70% that he shot for 3 years in a row, that should be good enough to be around 75-90 overall.

    Speaking of Dedmon...  there is a good sleeper.  Only concern is his health.

  8. Seems facts are inconvenient.

    Anyway, isn't this fantasy basketball where you're supposed to take off your homer hat and be impartial?  Weird.

    Should we perhaps steer this back to the Celtics and not bicker about which LA team has the better team?  (spoiler - it's the Clippers by a HUGE margin).


    How many minutes do you guys think Kanter gets?  I think he will be a monster as there isn't much rebounding aside from him on this team.

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