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  1. They seem to have a logjam at every position but SG and C. Outside of Booker and Ayton there is not a single Phoenix player I am comfortable drafting. In dynasty I'll grab Okobo or Melton.
  2. This season will be different. With gambling now permitted I fully expect teams resting players to be severely punished. There is big money on the line now.
  3. As players get older they rely on smarts more than athleticism (which is decreasing). I expect his blocks to never get back to the golden 2+. His rebounds and points will maintain - I actually think he'll have a career year in points working the pick and roll with Doncic.
  4. He landed in OKC and looks to be backing up Adams. What kinda expectations do you guys have for him? He could be a sneaky roto player grabbing decent percentages, some stocks. Not sure how many minutes he gets or if he's relegated to eating hotdogs 5 games in to the season. Thoughts?
  5. Will this guy get run? Curious if he gets to play immediately or if he is shelved and plays sparingly as we hear all about what he does in practice.
  6. Unleashed for one of the worst fantasy playoff schedules?
  7. Carter and it isn't close for me. Carter is better, Carter is younger and Carter has no holes in his game.
  8. 9 cat. Which to keep in dynasty format. Both are the same age. Both will have more opportunity this coming season.
  9. Hezonja or Cedi Osman? Who has the better season? Which is better in dynasty? I think they're both the same age and should have similar opportunities. I like Hezonja, but am concerned the Knicks will, umm be the Knicks.
  10. He'll make a good 6th man some day. He can't run an offense to save his life though. He has that whole him scoring is the first, second and third option mentality.
  11. This is the antithesis of a "bold prediction". Kings are gonna king...
  12. Second year player Cedi Osman could be huge. Can't think of any impactful Euros coming over outside of those drafted: Doncic, Musa, Okobo.
  13. Elie Okobo is starting by the beginning of November and is top 3 in the ROY race. Not one Celtic players cracks the top 40. Jokic becomes a top 3 fantasy player GR3 becomes a top 75 9 cat player Jonathan Isaac makes top 30 on strength of 4.5 + stocks/game