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  1. OKC have a pretty good training staff and new facility don't they? Hoping they can keep him healthy like they did for Westbrook.
  2. Zubac, Harrell, Kabengele? I expect the Clippers to annihilate the Lakers. In fact, I don't think the Lakers make the play-offs... Again. Anyway - back to the Celtics. What do you guys expect from Tatum and Brown this season? Is either going to make that projected leap?
  3. Hard to break out buried behind Capela...
  4. Has Butler ever positively affected a team mate's fantasy value?
  5. My mind is blown everytime i see a posters talk with absolute certainty that kids in their second or third year can't improve. These guys are 21 and 22 years old in most cases and are not a final product. /rant.
  6. Jokic has improved every single season. I expect that trend to continue.
  7. Bagley. I think he improves across the board this season.
  8. What do you expect from him this year? every ranking has him ahead of players like Tatum, who I think will have a break out year. With WCJ back in the picture, will Lauri's blocks, and rebounds drop? With Dunn replaced with Sato, will Lauri's scoring soar?
  9. Is this THE season he breaks out? Or is he simply destined to be a good and steady player across the board but not great in any cats?
  10. He's on my DND list. Dude breaks down every season. I would draft him with the intent to trade him prior to whatever knee injury is inevitable. Draft low, sell high.
  11. I think Bagley will feast this season. Looking forward to seeing what he does beside Dedmon. Discuss.
  12. His health is the scariest thing. Dude is fragile.
  13. Player A 15.7 points 1.5 threes 6 reb 2.1 ast 1.1 stl 0.7 blk 45% / 85% / 1.5 TO Player B 18.7 points 2.3 threes 9 reb 1.4 ast .7 stl 0.6 blk 43% / 87% / 1.6 TO
  14. Any thoughts? I'm expecting a big season from him. He put up top 40 production last season and I expect more the same. Concern might be whether or not WJC returning will impact the uptick we saw in rebounds. He seemed to develop and nice pick and pop type game with Lavine last season. Sato should help with ball movement.
  15. Fizdale can not be counted on for any semblance to consistent, nor logical rotation. Avoid Knicks players outside of Mitchell. All the new signees seemed poised to be traded.
  16. Nance is the highest ranked player in Cleveland by a HUGE margin.
  17. Do you take him over a player like Markkanen? There seem to be a glut of players all with the same potential and similar production from a rankings stand point.
  18. Avoid Miami players. Avoid Atlanta players not names Young or Collins. Avoid drafting players based on their play-off schedules.
  19. Ah. That totally explains the abhorrent shooting and amazing assist/to numbers for the entire game.
  20. And this is the week Reggie has chosen to choke on a bag of dicks...