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  1. And I took no issue with that at all. That is fair. Not quite sure why your back is up and you're saltier than a prostitute's chin. For example, this sure seemed overly defense - considering I was quoting and replying to an entirely different poster.
  2. Unless you were watching a different game, I think it can be said that he looked to be one of the best Bulls tonight... which granted is like calling someone the tallest midget. But all things considered, being a rookie playing on that tire fire of a roster with zero plays called for him, zero facilitators and zero in the way of system - I'd say he put up good numbers for fantasy for someone playing their first game and all - unless of course you expect all rookies to play like rookie LeBron? I think those of us who are praising him are saying he looks great for a rookie and ROI regarding ADP and not this hyperbolic BS you're spouting.
  3. Any more smug and we'd be calling you Martin Shkreli. It is the kid's very NBA first game and he is playing on the worst team with the worst collection of "talent". I'm not sure what kind of expectations any of you had , but I'd hazard to guess that the kid just blew them away like a fart in the wind. Considering there isn't a decent passer on the entire squad or one person who can create and initiate the offense, I'd say he did a-okay.
  4. That's a little harsh. Despite being labeled a shooter, Bargs wasn't half the shooter Markkanen is. Also Bargnani didn't have the drive nor determination to get better. If anything, he may be a better and healthier Ryan Anderson which people seem to forget was a fantasy force.
  5. Thoughts about this guy for the season and for dynasty? I am really intrigued - think he could be a sneaky great pick for a tanking Bulls team especially with management probably teething to save theie asses as he's the only real asset they have to show for Butler.