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  1. Im in the same situation. Flip flopping between TEN and DEN....I know I am going to end up making the wrong decision...helppppppppp
  2. I'd go Michel. More TD upside and MIA D is not that great against the run.
  3. I'd roll with your 3 currentWR and pick up SEA D for next week. That's at least what I'm doing..
  4. I'd go with Wilson Jr. this week. Denver D is not great against the run. er
  5. DEN @ SF TENN vs JAX Looking to start the DST with more upside, as I am in a two-week point total playoff matchup and down 10 points after the first week. Thanks for your help!
  6. Mahomes and Hill to outscore Hunt and Zuerlein by 16 points. Not loving my chances unless Hill goes OFF.
  7. Seems like a fair trade. Getting Coleman is a big boost up from Murray, and JuJu isn't that far off from Tyreek. I'd do this.
  8. I would do this. I don't trust that TB offense. Also, Chubb has been killing it and they are going to keep feeding him the rock. Do it!
  9. Grab Hooper and drop Rudolf, imo!! I'd def roll out Hooper over the other two. oo