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  1. In first place and need trade advice. WHIR.

    Seems like a fair trade. Getting Coleman is a big boost up from Murray, and JuJu isn't that far off from Tyreek. I'd do this.
  2. Simple 1 for 1 Trade WHIR (110%)

    I would do this. I don't trust that TB offense. Also, Chubb has been killing it and they are going to keep feeding him the rock. Do it!
  3. Roll with Hooper ros?? whir

    Grab Hooper and drop Rudolf, imo!! I'd def roll out Hooper over the other two. oo
  4. Martin or Carson? Whir

    Dougie Fresh for me as well! Don't trust Carson, especially on a short week.
  5. Njoku - Worth top waiver priority? WHIR

    I'd stay as well. Keep that top waiver priority for someone else.
  6. Trade Barkley for WR? WHIR!!!

    As above mentioned, you should still be able to get a solid WR for Jones. I'd want to keep rolling out that 3 headed monster if I were you. Seems to be working if you are 8-2.
  7. Baltimore D was just dropped in my league. I need to win either this week or next to make the 4-team playoff. Would you drop anyone on my team to ensure I can nab Baltimore for next week against Oakland at home? I'm thinking of either dropping Jared Cook and rolling with Doyle, or maybe dropping Gostowski and rolling with Elliott. Or should I just stay pat for now and keep my team as is? Below is my team: QB: Mahomes RB: Barkley RB: Mixon WR: Tyreek WR: JuJu TE: Doyle Flex: Fournette K: Elliott DST: Cardinals Bench: Diggs, Rodgers, J. Cook, Boyd, McCoy, MVS, Gostowski
  8. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    Is it crazy to stash the Cardinals for their home matchup next week against the Raiders?
  9. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    Going up against Ben, AB, and McCaffrey...week over before Sunday.
  10. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2018 Outlook

    Trying to decide between JuJu and Boyd..ughhhhhhhhh Agreed. Hasn't scored a TD in a few weeks. Seems like he's due....right?
  11. JuJu Smith-Schuster 2018 Outlook

    Expectations for tonight? Looks like it could be a high scoring game potentially.
  12. Trade for T Hill or K Allen?? whir

    I'd go with Hill and pick up Davis.
  13. TE strategy question...WHIR!

    I'd keep Burton but not too confident in either choice. I'd just stream matchups each week if I were you.
  14. I would NOT do this. As above poster mentioned, I'd go after Kelce or Ertz if you have to give up Michel.
  15. I'd hold. This cripples your RB's and Ingram has not been good the last few games.