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  1. Looking for a startup dynasty league. Free or small buy in. preferably 12 teams h2h 9 cat. Been doing fantasy bball for 10+ years and want to try a dynasty out.
  2. Crazy question...but is he emerging as the go-to guy over Booker? Or is the team riding the hot hand as Booker is in sort of a mini slum? Noticed he has taken more attempts the past few games. Haven't looked deeper than that though.
  3. Most improved Player........for my fantasy team and hopefully the league if he keeps it up. Really glad he adapted and extended his range. He could always get a bucket anywhere inside the arc but that 3 just makes him much more effective! Hope he keeps it going. He put up more shots than Booker!
  4. Lord Cov's sneakers at the end of the season under Thibs. Enjoy guys
  5. Jeff Green has been playing very well lately an Otto hasnt been taking advantage of the very limited opportunities he's had so far. I've watched every single game this year and Otto has been very lackluster. Brooks going with hot hands and different lineups trying to keep his name out of the fire. Otto on the short end of the stick right now. John and Brad have always been ball dominant so simple fact is Otto is not effective atm. Kelly and Green have outplayed him this year. Also the "offense" this team runs is iso pick and roll. No off ball screens to get shooters open. Otto doesn't set picks. Everybody stand around until Beal and Wall calls for a screen. With no movement a guy like Otto isnt going to flourish. Now theres high probability Green regresses as he always does and Otto will have to start playing better as he gets his minutes back in the 30's. Dont sell low but its risky to buy unless you buy very low.
  6. Because they are playing with more energy and mounting a comeback while being active on D *Were mounting a comeback....smh. This team man :{
  7. It seems like a bit much but KAT will be amazing as usual when Butler is gone and will probably be worth it to put you over the top. If it s the 14 team 5 keeper in your sig, then I would do it. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/733600-tatumcollins-for-aytonwcs-whir/
  8. I would get Cauly-Stein and Ayton. What do you guys think? 9 Cat Guys on my team: Wall Gobert Antentekumpo Fox LaVine Ingram Fournier Batum
  9. Time for me to blow all my FAAB on McMullins for my s---y dynasty team and watch him be regulated to a practice squad journeyman after this game.
  10. Some factors are: - He's heard "be more aggressive the whole offseason" and he's forcing when he gets a touch (key word, when). Not his game and he looks lost. - Oubre is playing really well right now. Jeff Green looks solid - The team overall other than the the two backups that play his position are in shambles - He's 5/21 from 3 through 5 games. - Scott Brooks sucks
  11. Is it worth acquiring Fournette for my 2019 2nd rd pick? This is my first year playing in a keeper league and need a bit of advice. We must keep 3 Also Im very solid with WRs but struggling with RBs. Im currently 5-2 but the league is kinda top heavy. Im likely to make playoffs but will face some juggernauts. Maybe Fournette ends season strong? Is it worth it?