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  1. Jones and Henry. I'm also deciding between Rodgers and Goff. I'm leaning towards Goff.
  2. Juju and Stills. I'm benching Chark because of the weather.
  3. -> Stills. Not confident about Ridley with Ryan out. As a former owner, I hate Montgomery. For me it's between OBJ and Fitz. The latter has a really good matchup even though has been pretty cold lately. Maybe with DJ out he'll get some extra targets and I feel a TD is coming.
  4. With D. Johnson out, Chase will be the main guy in Arizona, but the matchup isn't the best. Flex him instead of any of my WRs? And which WR to keep. Also, Goff over Rodgers? Thanks and leave a link.
  5. Dropped. Now I can make fun of Chicago's offense.
  6. Benched Rodgers in one league. My opponent has him in another league with 6pts/TD.
  7. Amari + Andrews for Hooper + Sanders/Edmonds sounds good. Then flip OBJ or Diggs (hopefully he has another breakout game) for a RB.
  8. For this week, Gore. He also has a better schedule going forward, unfortunately Singletary is coming back. All in all, I'd roll with Gore this week.