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  1. They have a bye week 9 so i wonder if they will hold him out through then?
  2. Started Murray over Watson (Both did do really well, but Murray was slightly better)
  3. They were missing their 2 starting DTs to start the year, thus they've tightened up once they came back(see Zeke's slow game in Week 4)
  4. How long do these turf toe injuries usually take to heal?
  5. Geez looking back at the top RBs entering 2015, Lacy-megabust Charles-Hurt in Game 5 Bell-suspension and injured around Halloween Jeremy Hill-disappointment Murray- megabust CJA- disappointment McCoy- decent year Lynch- injured most of the year Peterson- good year Forte- decent year Miller- disappointment 2015 was definitely the nadir for RBs and it was important to have stud receivers. I know it isn't really relevant to now, but its interesting to look back upon how things unfolded.
  6. Hopefully things change. They got flat out whooped against my Niners, who were missing 2 of their top 3 DBs. Maybe they could use him at QB more?
  7. I will always associate #31 on KC with Priest
  8. Is Watkins playing? I haven't seen him yet
  9. Who the hell is this Carson guy. Thought Dexter Williams was the backup