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  1. I'm with everyone that thinks others are sleeping on RHJ. He's a 14-15 points, 7ish rebounds, 3ish assists, 1ish blocks and steals guy with very solid percentages. That's if he doesn't have any kind of breakout......with a breakout, who knows. He may not shoot 3's, but he can be an asset most everywhere else. Well worth a spot on 12 and 10 teamers to me. I have him in a 10 team league, although for some strange reason, the site lists him as a guard so it is a bit of a challenge to get him in the lineup as anything but a flex.
  2. Not sure of the time limit, but if you pickup and drop a guy close together on Yahoo, he doesn't go to waivers, just returns to the FA pool.
  3. Well, at least that's something.....would rather have had Collins, but I'll take any big body I can get.
  4. Yahoo just removed the "Injury" label from him, but I don't see any news that he is back. Anyone else see anything?
  5. I'm holding right now....not much on the waiver and really his first couple of games were pretty solid. Hopefully the minutes will increase a bit (especially after this last game!) and we'll see him approach last year's numbers. I don't expect the same, but hopefully close. He'd probably be one I drop if a great FA pops up though.
  6. I'm in a league with no IR spots, but I still have to hold Dedmon as there are literally NO centers available in my 10 team league. Not sure how that's possible, but every warm body is taken. I had snagged Greg Monroe awhile back hoping his situation might improve and now he's my only option. It's a shame, as Dedmon has really been playing well.
  7. 12 Team League with both my IR spots empty.....I picked him up right after I saw Beverley was done. No one else to put in those IR spots (yet) and if I need to cut him for better injured guys I will. Seems like a no-brainer if the situation lets you do something like that.
  8. Drop Murray for Harris.....once Collison starts shooting like normal again, I would take him over Murray at this point too.
  9. Any combo of Richardson, Murray, Waiters and Murray for a big in the Gortat/Nurkic level would be good for you I think.
  10. Very even to me....may favor DeRozan a bit.
  11. I would drop Hield right now.....Dunn has been better lately I think. Rozier, Rondo and possibly LaVine if you can IR him would be good.
  12. Thanks all....based on my team structure, I am hoping I still have enough to compete in the categories I lose in, while bumping up the weak ones. We'll see.....working on responding to others right now.
  13. Here is a proposed trade in my 12 team 9 cat league.... Team 1 gets- Jeff Teague, Jayson Tatum and Gary Harris Team 2 gets- Nikola Vucevic and TJ Warren FG%, Pts, Reb, TO are all pretty good advantages to Team 2, but Team 1 gets Assists, Steals and 3's.....what do you all think?