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  1. Last two year averages: 15 homers, 60 rbi's and a .260 avg. Can he hit ball just a little bit harder for fantasy purposes?
  2. Hampson(His initial playing time does not concern me. He will get plenty of at bats once the season starts and guys either struggle or gets injured) Bumgarner(I'm not expecting ace like numbers, just solid consistent production. I think his ADP, I'm drafting him around 85-95 in 12 team leagues, is excellent value) Senzel( He'll be up soon enough, I just love his bat, I think he's going to provide excellent value as well. Taking him around pick 200 in most 12 team leagues) McMahon (He is going way too late imo, I got him as a handcuff to Hampson, athough I suspect both of them will play if they both hit. Yes that means Desmond will sit or there will be an injury) Miggy( excellent value pick, easy cut if not producing or injured) Posey( another value pick, if he plays consistently he should put up .280 average at minimum, that negates a BA issue at a very weak position for that cat. BA at the catcher position is terrible as you move down tiers and it kills you in roto leagues) Gardner( Absolute steal. He will play a lot in April due to injuries. Has always been a very good 1st half player. Will provide speed and pop for cheap in a great lineup. He's going at the end of drafts, great deal!) Archer (I like his ADP, his current situation and his K potential. No brainer for me) Calos Martinez (He's risky but here's my thinking. I'm getting him in the mid 200's. He can come back as the closer, fireman or starter. All of those roles, he can provide value in roto leagues. All he takes up is an IL spot. If he's not back by May 15th in one of those roles and you really need that IL spot then he's an easy cut. Julio Urias (Another late round flier. He will definitely be on an innings cap. Maybe you can get a handful of good starts from him early on and then he moves to a fireman role where he vultures a few wins and provide some good ratios)
  3. Settings FYI: There are unlimited in season pickups. Pickups are locked right now because we have not drafted yet.
  4. Quick overview: Roto League Must keep 10 players Draft is on 3/25 @8PM et Very competitive Links to teams: Team 1: Team 2: Let me know if you have any questions.
  5. I've got this team available: But it's a must keep 10 and the draft date is set. It's a very stable league and been around for 5+ years.
  6. 10th year league in need of a replacement owner. Here's a link to the team: Here's some league highlights: - We keep two players every season - Most of the owners are originals from when the league first started. - Very competitive and fun - A few extra Cats to deal with Draft date is 3/18 @ 8PM Please let me know if you have any questions.
  7. Great LM, joined his money leagues last season. Fast payout and well run. I've also been in many other leagues with the LM over the years!