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  1. Wishing this 'stud' better luck next season! Hopefully his owners can get more than 7 good weeks from him next season lol. Then again maybe his fans are cool with trading 12 dreadful weeks for the 7 magical ones... again lol...
  2. Apparently he gets really, really, really, really cold for months at a time too. I didn't realize that I also had to inform some of you that you don't drop a top 5 overall pick 6-12 weeks into the season. I figured that was automatically understood which is why he was a terrible first round pick this season. And I'm sure his first three months of this season will be heavily discussed in his 2020 thread when we discuss where he should be in the rankings.
  3. I didn't trade or drop him. I've still got him. As a matter of fact I benched him from around Memorial Day to about when he returned from the paternity list or after the ASB, I can't remember when exactly. So he didn't end up hurting me too badly. My issue here is two fold. When he was playing extremely poorly there was no way anyone could say, without guessing, that he would turn it around. To come back now and say that his past two seasons showed that he would turn it around is BS. He was terrible down the stretch last season too. He didn't have the track record of a Goldy. My other issue here is that he was so bad early on that he hindered the way you would manage your team. In an earlier post I put in a stretch of games where he was particularly terrible. It was around May 15th that most owners would've start to bench him. At that point you already owned and played him during his worst stretch of the season. Remember this is your 1st round pick. No one was benching him for the entire 4 weeks prior to May 15th, it was too early to do that to your 1st rd pick. So from that point on you were basically managing your team with a short bench. That's also the time where you would be making speculative adds, he affected that part of the game. Then you also had to manage your team around him rather than with him. In tougher leagues you would be hard pressed to find a decent player to plug in there. That is not what you expect from a top 5 pick. Truth be told, I did expect him to turn it around. But I'm not going to sit here now that he's doing it and say that I knew it all along.
  4. Good idea. I've read this entire thread, maybe you can bring something more to the table next time. Let's hope that he finishes out strong. But his recent track record suggests that we shouldn't be too sure about that, it's 50/50 that he'll have a good September.
  5. Great you can post numbers from the previous three seasons. Congrats! Did those same numbers predict that he was going to be trash for the 1st three months of this season? They just fit your narrative now. You weren't posting that in April or May... And they are meaningless based on how bad he was to start the season. Maybe I'll post his numbers from last August 15th to June 28th this season. My numbers would be more in line with what he's actually been for most of this season.
  6. What did you explain? What did he show through June 28th that he would turn it around? He showed nothing! You're always throwing out numbers out there, show any meaningful statistic from the first three months that he was going to turn it around. What kind of adjustments are you making through the first 6 weeks? It's not laziness, it's playing your 1st round pick. His roughest stretch of the season was during the first 6-8 weeks. And he's still not completely recovered despite a torrid 6 week stretch. And no they kept him because of the steals and the fact that they were highly invested in him. Other than that he was trash.
  7. So you predicted that he was going to turn it around? What was he showing you that made you feel that way? Look at the dates I listed, no one was benching their top 5 pick (or top keeper) during that time frame or a prolonged period during the first 6 weeks of the season.
  8. I can agree with that to a certain extent. As a matter of fact I subscribe to that notion for the most part. Here's the problem with J-Ram's first three months though, he actually negatively impacted your team to the point where you probably were better off benching him, especially in H2H. Good news here is that if you were able to withstand that start, and let's be honest here it really depends on how competitive and league type, then you're in good shape if he keeps this up. Here's some disgusting stats for those defending his first three months: between 4/16 and 5/13: 7 Runs, 2 homers, 10 rbi's going 6/90 and at one point during this epic stretch he was 1/52! As late as June 13th he was hitting .198 I could go on and on but my point here is that he was so epically bad for the first three months of the season that he was a rare case where he alone could ruin a fantasy team. I hate to attach my own teams to these topics but I do have a great example. I have him in two leagues. In a standard 5X5 roto my team is fine. I don't see a path to winning unless he keeps up his current pace but atleast it's competitive. But in another league that has OBP and SLG as cats I am dead and he's the prime suspect in that murder investigation.
  9. I stand by what I said. If it weren't for the SB's then he was droppable. He was batting 218 with 5 homers and 30 rbis! He was among the league leaders for steals and that's why no one dropped him. I don't think when he was drafted as a top 5 pick his owners were expecting his first 3 months of the season to go the way it did. Go back and read this thread from May and June, some of his most recent cheerleaders were nowhere to be found!
  10. Wrong as usual? So for the first three months of the season he wasn't one of the all time busts for a top 5 pick? I never said he was droppable either, as a matter of fact I said the steals were the only value he provided. Saying that you absolutely that knew he would come out of an almost year long slump is pretty stupid and easy to say after a hot 5 weeks. He had 5 homers and 30 rbis through the end of June. If he didn't alter your in season strategy because of his terrible start then that means you're a terrible owner to boot. There was no way you were banking on that terrible start from your 1st round pick. He was a black hole taking up a starting roster spot because of where he was drafted. I'm excited that he's finally providing proper value now but the damage is done. In deeper leagues, in H2H leagues and in most competitive leagues, you are NOT recovering from his all time terrible start. But congratulations, 4 and half months into the season you finally get to say Jose Ramirez is playing like a top 5 pick LMAOOOOOOOOOO!
  11. Couldn't trade this guy for a fringe player earlier this season. The only reason why he wasn't cut back in June was because of the stolen bases. He was a negative in just about every other cat. For the guys claiming to believe in him just because they didn't drop him, just stop. You didn't drop him because the SB's were providing some value but for half of the season he screwed up your team as a top 5 overall pick. Let's not make him out the be some kind of second half hero here, he buried his owners during the 1st half and most won't recover even with a huge 2nd half. Most of his owner probably played the fantasy version of musical chairs in order to make up for his lack of production. They probably did this even while starting him too which makes it even worse because most of the times that strategy won't work out.
  12. I don't know who the Nats 3B coach is but he should be kicked off the team! Way too late to pull the stop sign and now Soto may be hurt. 2nd time this game he's been late with a sign too.
  13. lol of course not.. take Yelich off of that team and they're probably really terrible.
  14. The people who wanted them to trade Thor or Conforto or any other productive young players for prospects are the ones I despise the most. I'm convinced they want the Mets to make those types of trades in order to come back later and bash them for making such trades. When you have a core of DeGrom, Sydergaard, McNeil, Alonso, Conforto and Rosario you don't trade for prospects, you trade and sign the right complimentary players.