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  1. Yea I'm thinking 70ish in a 12 team standard league. 50ish in keepers. But that's only if he keeps up this pace with the counting stats, he still has to show consistency with his average.
  2. 11 games at SS! Nine more to go and my investment in him in some keeper leagues will pay off for next season! (ESPN)
  3. Yes they screwed up, Cabrera should've been dfa'd when he requested a trade. Reyes is not an everyday player anymore and Walker receiving a qualifying offer coming off a back injury was ridiculous. They're being run by a bunch of goofballs. Rosario should've been up here since May and Smith should've been up here when Duda was on the DL. If it didn't work out they could've sent them back down without a problem. How do you try to build a team around pitching and then turn around and screw with the defense behind them? Makes no sense.
  4. What did he do wrong with Conforto? Last season he didn't hit. They should've sent him down much earlier than they did. This season it's been fine. Alderson does micromanage the team, which is why Collins has snapped at various front office employees over the last 2 seasons. The only problem anyone should have with Collins is with his bullpen and pitching management. I watch every single Mets game and they can't play defense and they can't take a base. They are just not capable of doing those things. Every single position is subpar defensively. That's on the GM not the manager. I think Collins' time here is done but Alderson should be done as well but he's going to get a pass.
  5. Why are you blaming Collins? Alderson is the problem and has been the problem since he got here. He doesn't value speed or defense and it's really hurt this team, especially since it was built around pitching.
  6. So asking for twenty games at SS(starts or appearances, doesn't matter) is out of the question for this season?
  7. Yep forgot about Frazier. Although I'm not as high on him as I am on the other guys they got. Never know though, he could turn all Scott Brosius if they make the postseason. You're right they made some of the best deals while also keeping their top prospects.
  8. I don't think Angelos wanted to trade him.
  9. Biggest winners from the deadline? If we include Kahnle, Robertson to go along with Gray, it has to be the Yanks right? Or with what the Dodgers just do, did they win big?
  10. Not a Yankee fan but I don't like this trade for them. I'm high on all three of those prospects, including Kaprelian. This really puts the pressure on them to make a deep playoff run this season. So in that sense, if they do go on a run in the postseason then it all works out. If they don't, they may regret it.
  11. Yes it was a slider. Ron Darling was raving about Seager after that one.
  12. He was one of my most frustrating players to own last season. What are your thoughts on his for 2017?
  13. Jeter was overrated.. this kid has more potential!
  14. His name is Gary. A bunch of us here are former posters from ESPN's message board and we know and compete against each other.
  15. My outlook on the Mets is very bullish. I think they can win 100 games this season if the staff stays healthy. 92 is more realistic though. Had they done more to improve the pen and by more I was hoping they would sign a guy like Holland and/or Romo, I think 100 would've been within reach. As it is though, 92-100 should be what the team is thinking. Anything short of 92 and I would consider the season a major disappointment!