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  1. Yes it was a slider. Ron Darling was raving about Seager after that one.
  2. He was one of my most frustrating players to own last season. What are your thoughts on his for 2017?
  3. Jeter was overrated.. this kid has more potential!
  4. His name is Gary. A bunch of us here are former posters from ESPN's message board and we know and compete against each other.
  5. My outlook on the Mets is very bullish. I think they can win 100 games this season if the staff stays healthy. 92 is more realistic though. Had they done more to improve the pen and by more I was hoping they would sign a guy like Holland and/or Romo, I think 100 would've been within reach. As it is though, 92-100 should be what the team is thinking. Anything short of 92 and I would consider the season a major disappointment!
  6. OOPS Wrong thread
  7. I remember exactly what you're talking about when Ron made his comments. He never said Matz had a low pain threshold. He said that everyone handles those types of pains and aches differently. He said that in his day they would pitch through it. He made a point to say that no one knows what type of pain Matz was in. He was more upset about the fact that everyday they would change the story on his status. He felt that if Matz couldn't pitch that they should DL him and have him get the bone spur shaved.
  8. They shouldn't regret it at all. Last season was a fluke. If he does it again this year then I'll take this back but until then as a Mets fan I am fine with them letting him go.
  9. When will it be back up Gary?
  10. Lucroy obviously wants to catch for the Mets! I applaud his decision and can't wait for him to come to NY!
  11. Gotcha. The Yanks don't want to eat any salary at the deadline this season but I think they will have to make an exception on McCann. They believe Sanchez is ready to come up but they don't have room. They will have to expose him to waivers if he isn't on the Major League roster next spring. In the papers the other day they mentioned that they wanted Sanchez up asap in order for him to get a grasp on the major league catcher duties as well as seeing major league pitching. One way or another Sanzhez and Romine will be the catchers next spring and McCann will be gone. Either way they are going to eat that contract.
  12. Yep, they view Romine as a solid backup. Sanchez has to be on the 25 man roster in 2017 and they want to get him MLB at bats this season to prepare him for next season.
  13. Hope they do whatever it takes.
  14. Lucroy to the Mets please!!!! Please!!!!!!!
  15. Sid Fernandez and Fernando Valenzuela