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  1. Hello All!

    Experienced commissioner here starting a second league, open to anybody, this will be a great league for those new to fantasy or just looking for a more casual fantasy experience as goes with weekly lineups, this league will be great for first timers or those looking for a second and third league

    5 transactions per week, Waivers clear on Monday Thursday Saturday

    Trash talk encouraged

    Payments in leaguesafe (majority approval), $50, $600 prizepool, payments due by October 17th to ensure a fully paid league before draft date


    Please read all discussion posts upon joining, league open to 18 players, will lock in at first 12 paid

  2. This is my 4th year as commish running this league, only 2 spots left.

    $100 entry, $1200 prize pool

    Snake Draft: October 17th 6pm pacific

    9 cat H2H daily league

    3 transactions per week in FA

    Payments in leaguesafe, by majority rule, due by October 10th to ensure prize pool full before draft

    Email: rbf_916@yahoo.com for questions

    Please only join my league if you are serious and can make draft time




  3. Hello all,


    looking for 1 last member for my 12 team league on yahoo. It is 9 cat H2H, daily lineups.


    Snake draft is October 16th 6pm


    Payment made on leaguesafe. There is already $1100 paid into the $1200 prize pool, just looking a last member. If you join you can find leaguesafe link on message boards, please review the league settings but payment required immediately, thanks!