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  1. Hey guys need some help! In a 12 team standard 9 cat head to head weekly league. Having trouble deciding on who to play out of the following: I need to pick 2 of the 4 Vucevic with 2 games Zizic with 4 games Barton with 4 games Ibaka with 3 games Im actually leaning towards Vuc and Zizic because it looks like Love and Nance will miss tomorrows game. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  2. No on Gobert and Capela. Yeh Probably take him over Turner (not talkin about Dynasty fwiw)
  3. This bloke is so fkkin good that I’d actually be tempted to play him in the grand final with only a 2 game week if I make it!
  4. Man he’s almost becoming impossible to ignore lately.
  5. Wow. This guy could be a legit league winner over the coming few weeks! Picked him up specifically for his 4 gamer in week 2 of the playoffs.
  6. Casually stroll to the WW. Do not Run. Casually stroll. Worth a pick up to see how things pan out especially with his 4/4/4 playoff schedule but don’t drop anyone of value.
  7. Monk worth a pickup if he goes to Memphis?
  8. That wouldn’t have anything to do with you owning him in your fantasy team would it?
  9. 23 minutes today with 11 points, 8 boards and 4 assists. Looks like he’s close to getting full minutes again. Patient owners gonna be rewarded nicely.
  10. 5 triples and 3 steals. He’s been a beast since the trade. As long as you can put up with his shoddy FG%
  11. Pure trash. Has hit 1 out of his last 13 threes. He’s looking disinterested out there (or maybe that’s his normal face)
  12. Great numbers the last few games but surely will be out of the rotation (rightly or wrongly) once Javale is back