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  1. Great situation, wiz is in desperate need of productions! Howard May be back soon but that shouldn’t affect Parker much, maybe Bryant will take a hit esp if they continue to compete. Im expecting him and portis to be 2nd/3rd scorer on the team
  2. Minutes should be there now with Ellington and Johnson traded, wade will occasionally have his rest day so if you need treys/steals/pts. He could help for the next couple of weeks
  3. Picked this dude up in all my leagues and I’m just reaping the rewards, coach loves this guy! Dude plays excellent Defense, ontop of that, can’t leave this man open he will knock it down!
  4. This is tough, 2 games week 22 is brutal, if u own any GSW or any other Memphis player, adding him would be tough bc you might end up having to drop him to stream that first round unless you have a bye week.😔
  5. Shunpert will get trade and he will be back in starting lineup, patience is virtue fellas
  6. Give this man the INj please and let him heal til all star, I can’t deal with this one game and then Out the whole week ffs
  7. If they can somehow trade prince and Baze, he will be fantasy relevant. Definitely someone to keep an eye on bc he got the stats stuffing potential when given minutes
  8. No one is giving this guy love? Mirotic and Randle most likely will be gone, unless they get back some good piece to rebuild, this kid could post some nice stats the ROS
  9. Got a feeling he could be send to the Sixers, they need a stretch 4 bad
  10. Been wishing that for over a month now, ain’t gonna happen now
  11. NOLA is definitely rebuilding, with that being said, out of all there young players, this guy show he’s capable of being a fantasy stud as well as real life. You can do the wait approach but I’m hopping on this wagon ASAP if I were you before it sail
  12. Yeah had to drop, not doing much beside a few points n rb
  13. That and also play in aunction so I got him for half of what harden value at the time