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  1. Sleepers and players to avoid 2017-2018

    I understand KD's other eight seasons, I'm talking about 2 out of the last 3 seasons he had serious injuries, a jones fracture is no joke its no small injury that's a bad injury for a bball player right below an achilles tear fortunately he isn't a heavy guy and that hyper extended knee sprain doesn't get stronger now that it happened. Freak injury or not it happened, and it caused needing significant time off = hurt your fantasy team that's all I'm saying. And to me that justifies not being #1 overall pick but if you still like him there good luck to all i'll take him 3-4+next season and by the end of next season we'll see where KD ends up. (I hope I'm wrong)
  2. Sleepers and players to avoid 2017-2018

    How is injuries not an excuse in fantasy? LOL injuries=not playing, not playing=no stats production. Look how injury prone AD is any fall it makes you cringe, yet when healthy he is probably #1 #2 before Cousins came into the picture. I Never said there is a guarantee, there's never guarantee's that a player is going to give you 75+ games but players who don't have a history of injuries within the last 3 seasons are more likely to give you 75+ games. Keep coming at me though I like that I have a different opinion than everybody else.
  3. Sleepers and players to avoid 2017-2018

    I meant 2014-2015/2016-2017 that's 2 out of the last 3 seasons he burned owners because of the above reasons and that's enough for me to justify not being a #1 overall pick. You seem to have a hard time understanding I am not talking about what he is capable of when healthy throughout a season, because AD would also be right up there, but the best ability is availability to me. Let me know someone who won their league in those seasons with KD out because to me if your not first your last. But if your standards are just getting to the playoffs and happy with 2nd 3rd or 4th I completely understand your logic and yet again your making it sound like I will absolutely not draft him in the first round LOL
  4. Sleepers and players to avoid 2017-2018

    That jones fracture killed that owner of my league so bad he wasn't able to recover and make it to the playoffs, KD did return eventually down the line but a little too late that's what I mean by back to back. Last season I had a well rounded team and was able to make it to the finals without KD in fantasy playoffs, but lost because I didn't have my best player that was a fact! and my opponent knew that and I still only lost 4-5. Don't get the wrong idea I am not saying I am not drafting KD in the first round I just said he ain't going to be my #1, 2, or 3 overall pick lol he's still that elite. Who you taking #1 overall? I got greek freak
  5. Sleepers and players to avoid 2017-2018

    I'd probably take Greek Freak #1 overall, I can see him getting to another level next season
  6. Sleepers and players to avoid 2017-2018

    2 back to back seasons he went down with fantasy season injuries so whoever owned him probably didn't win their league. Yes I got 2nd in my league last season but I wanted to win it all and that's my plan next season, this is just my opinion I didn't ask for everybody to agree with me so go ahead and grab him at 1 if you get #1 overall, I won't like I said.
  7. Sleepers and players to avoid 2017-2018

    Injuries are unpredictable and can happen to anyone yes, but this wasn't just last season, it's the past couple of seasons but go ahead and grab him at 1 i'll happily wait 4th or 5th if he drops I don't get a lot of luck getting top 3 picks anyways.
  8. Sleepers and players to avoid 2017-2018

    Because despite his fantasy greatness he has always got hurt at the wrong times either for myself or my opponents that usually caused a huge hit for most teams, and for me it was this playoffs I would've won my finals if I had him but I ended up 2nd. More of a superstition thing now nothing about skill. I'm saying he's never going to be my #1 pick unless he falls in the 1st round maybe past 4th overall.
  9. Ben Simmons 2016-2017 season outlook

    Wait and see approach... not that excited about simmons considering he hasn't played a single game yet, sixers are loaded with skilled youngies and everybody needs their touches and he ain't some great scorer or shooter. I wouldn't reach for him until late if your in a deep league.
  10. D'Angelo Russell 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    shout out to all the Dlo lovers
  11. Sleepers and players to avoid 2017-2018

    No longer drafting Kevin Durant 1st round unless he falls past 3rd-4th, Hassan Whiteside unless he falls, Rudy Gay, Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin unless he falls, Al Horford unless he falls, Ibaka unless he falls, and Derrick Favors.
  12. Kyle Kuzma 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I'm interested, but coming off the bench just gonna be a wait and see approach, I wouldn't reach though
  13. T.J. Warren 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    makes no sense to hold at this point in the playoffs in most leagues, unless you got a ridiculous lead over your opponent right now
  14. Kawhi Leonard 2016 - 2017 Season Outlook

    he won't win MVP for sure now, but w/e as long as he on the floor
  15. Alan Williams 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    at this point Len is the guy, more abilities tomorrow will tell the most