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  1. My recommendation take it with a grain of salt is to not punt period, always give yourself a chance to win in all cats because when you're punting and in some weeks you still lose the cats you're strong in, you're already almost guaranteed to lose the cats you punted in those weeks also and in those cases you take a bigger L. I wouldn't say ignore TO's too but I would say don't worry too much about it some high usage players you gotta live with the good and the bad (Westbrook, Harden, LBJ, etc.). I learned my lessons a lot from punting, sometimes I'm sure it works if it all plays out well for you but you should ideally build a 9 cat team.
  2. Championship Team record 1st seed 114-65-1 won 800$ US S Curry Klay Thompson Paul George Lamarcus Aldridge Deangelo Russell Nikola Vucevic Myles Turner Paul Millsap Thad Young Thomas Bryant B Portis H Barnes T Satoranksy Went undefeated from November till Playoffs too unstoppable!
  3. if I didn't have such a good team around Giannis I'd be in trouble.
  4. already did it yesterday before Fred dropped 23pts 6ast 2stls 3 3's
  5. lol who's still drafting him # 1 next season?
  6. lmao bruh don't do that again trust me
  7. Dropped, It's a wrap for him, season's a wash they have no reason to play him get some production from FA. GL in your playoffs
  8. Bucks having such a good playoff spot makes it tough for them to want to play him in these meaningless games, damn if they sit him out of this one that's killer.
  9. He's out, they pretty much have a good playoff spot locked up with no incentive to put him out there if not close to 90%. Dropped for Fred VanVleet it's championship or bust in my opinion no point of holding on to name players at this point in the season with unclarity that they will even play the rest of the week. GL to those who hold.
  10. lol at least he got his 3 blks and 5 rebs before fouling out