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  1. shout out to all the Dlo lovers
  2. No longer drafting Kevin Durant 1st round unless he falls past 3rd-4th, Hassan Whiteside unless he falls, Rudy Gay, Derrick Rose, Blake Griffin unless he falls, Al Horford unless he falls, Ibaka unless he falls, and Derrick Favors.
  3. I'm interested, but coming off the bench just gonna be a wait and see approach, I wouldn't reach though
  4. makes no sense to hold at this point in the playoffs in most leagues, unless you got a ridiculous lead over your opponent right now
  5. he won't win MVP for sure now, but w/e as long as he on the floor
  6. at this point Len is the guy, more abilities tomorrow will tell the most
  7. showed alot of heart tonight much respects
  8. this guy needs to stick to passing only lol
  9. lol just got 8-1 lead today because of my boy
  10. yeah I can live with 1 game out
  11. he been playing pretty bad lately I dunno what's wrong with him, if he don't have a good week this week for sure he not getting MVP nod over Harden.
  12. fk hopefully he didn't break anything, there was alot of blood
  13. if he suspended 2 games I have to drop, it's win or bust at this point of the season
  14. seriously though if you gonna throw a punch in the NBA knowing you will get ejected at least land the punch lol these NBA guys can't fight for Shiet
  15. weird no notice no nothing