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  1. 15 team roto redraft. I'm currently in first with heavy bats. Created a poll in my FB group that's 50/50. What say my trusted rotoworld brethren?
  2. Have a draft tonight for a 15 Team 6x6 Roto league (QS&OPS) that has a 225 Pitcher Starts limit in place. The season is 28 weeks long, so this would average out to about 8 starts per week. What would you guys do regarding draft strategy for SP's? This is actually my first roto league as i've always played H2H. Not sure if I should draft exactly 8 SP's assuming 1 start per week, or draft more and then thin out the herd as I determine who's having a good season. The picks might be better used on a position player gamble if I know for sure I won't be keeping all the pitchers anyhow.
  3. Exactly as title says. Creating a spreadsheet that will calculate my projection totals in comparison to my category goals and i'm unsure what projection model from Fangraphs I should use. Any suggestions?
  4. All still available with the exception of Morales, much appreciated! I'll look into them. I did have my eye on Salazar, probably wont take him for until my last few picks though. I'm reading he most likely wont be back until AS break and might come out of Pen.
  5. Currently approaching round 30 of 40 in my best ball points league slow draft. Any suggestions on deep sleepers? I'm having trouble locating articles or information this early in the season, and the sleeper articles I do find usually don't go picks >350, as this is where the draft will be for the last 10 rounds. A couple i'm currently targeting are Jake Cave-OF MIN and Ronald Guzman-1B TEX but need some more and possibly some SP.
  6. What’s everyone who has Kanter on their roster doing? He hasn’t seen the floor again tonight with no explanation. I’m on the edge of making the playoffs and already have a bunch of others guys who consistently miss games in Irving, Horford, and D-Rose. Really can’t afford to have anymore rosters spots providing zero production. Think he’ll get traded soon? Dropping is an option but I’d really hate myself if he gets traded to a great situation where he’s putting up 15 and 10 every night and someone else picks him up. 12 team H2H cats league. Maybe throw him in some trade offers to guys who have playoffs locked and can afford to wait his situation out?
  7. Yeah. Never seen a breakout season when players go to new teams, especially in a much more hitter friendly ballpark? Couldnt be a better example than Yelich last year. He never hit over 21 HR's in a season, yet he hit 36. He never hit over .300, yet he hit .326. I know, amazing players who are in their prime can actually do better than previous years given the right circumstances. Edit: I didn't even mention it's a contract year. UFA after 2019, no bigger incentive than that.
  8. He's already going 75-100 in most drafts with ADP trending upward. I think this was a great move for him. He can go to smaller market without so much pressure and a new fan base who isn't sick of his antics. Give him 500+ AB's he could easily be a 30 HR, 20 SB, > .270 guy. I'd bite 7th-9th round.
  9. Thoughts on buying low on him? I though about offering D-Rose for him in one of my leagues, I feel that might be paying too much though. I just dont trust D-Rose to stay healthy and it looks like the Mavs will have to keep DSJ a solid part of the rotation to build his value back up.
  10. I can keep 4. Currently thinking Davis, Rendon, Carrasco, and Corbin. The only other viable option IMO would be Bogart. I would think Davis is a sure fire keeper, but I don't like that ESPN took away his OF eligibility and I dont have a DH spot in this league. He'd be glued to one of my two utility spots reducing my lineup flexibility.
  11. I joined a 15 team 6x6(OPS, QS) roto league that has a 175 pitcher start requirement, but also caps at 225. This seems like kind of a slim margin as you have approximately 20% wiggle room between the two. I'm not sure how I should approach this. Basic math of the MLB season being 26 weeks would say I can start 8-9 pitchers per week. Does anyone have experience with this type of restriction? Should I simply try to have 8 starts every week, or is there another strategy to go with? I've typically been a guy who's big on pitcher streaming. With QS being a category i'm usually OK with taking a hit in ERA and WHIP buy starting sub par streaming options in order to maximize the QS, W, and K categories as it's a 3 to 2 advantage.
  12. I'm playing in a 15 team 6x6 roto league for the first team this year, as i'm normally a H2H cats guy. I understand in roto one of the biggest differences in team building strategy is you shouldn't punt any categories. I've been looking online in an attempt to find some solid information on what my goals should be for totals in each category, but am having trouble finding data for 2018 averages. Does anyone know a website that offers some solid information on this? Thanks
  13. 2 frickin' minutes.....I know Green was back but come one. Starting to think he fell into Kerr's dog house for whatever reason....dropping him for Iggy, at least he should get some good run tonight with Curry out
  14. Used my #7 waiver spot to pick Bamba up and drop Alex Len in my 12 team yesterday. He rewarded with a nice 15 pt 8 reb 2 blk line in my first game with him. Might have been ill advised to use my waiver on him, but I really liked him in the draft and the guy in front of me picked him in the 12th round when I had him targeted so I felt it necessary to pick him up. If he starts getting some more minutes he'll definitely be a difference maker, especially when I need blocks.